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Tenex for ADHD/ODD - Just lookn for encouragement :)

Posted 20 May 2011 by dlittle1mom 12 answers

Hello members (new friends) I recently found out my 3 soon tb 4y/o is ADHD & ODD. this is my first & only child. I am losing it trying to deal with him & his outburst/hitting/ & plan out rudeness... he is only 3 but we have changed his school to a smaller setting. still no avail! he ...

Is adderall, lexapro, tenex and ativan safe to use together?

Posted 4 Jun 2012 by cooncat 4 answers

I take 20 mg adderall in morning and 10 mg adderall in the afternoon. I also take 1 mg tenex and 10 mg lexapro at night. Usually I need 0.5 mg of ativan to sleep-does anyone know if this combo is safe or effective. I have ADD and depression, I am 49 year old female.

Intuniv - My 5 year old is on Tenex (guanfacine) and has responded very well to it for her moderate?

Posted 12 Aug 2013 by wifeofstv1966 3 answers

... ADHD. But, now that we have moved to Canada, we can not find anything remotely close to it. Can you please help us in finding something close to it?

How does tenex help with adhd?

Posted 11 Sep 2009 by mandi262009 1 answer

Both my kids are bipolar-17 girl taking effexor xr and clonidine(she has anxiety and ocd-and lots of

Posted 2 Oct 2009 by mommymommy 1 answer

... anger) 10 yr old son taking metadate cd and tenex(has adhd and anxiety too) i have heard that some of these meds are NOT good for bipolar disorder or bad w/each son has been out of control,rude,defiant,hurtful w/words,sometimes almost violent-especially in the a.m. before meds kick ...

Our daughter, Sarah, takes Focalin 20mg and 1mg tenex. She still seems fidgety and unfocused. We?

Posted 2 Feb 2011 by rrrandsranch 2 answers

... would love to not have to give Sarah a stimulant... she is petite anyway!! What are the results when taking just the Kapvay without a stimulant medication

Why would the Dr prescribe 1mg TENEX 2x a day along with the 60mg of Adderrall Im already taking?

Posted 27 Oct 2015 by sheryl056 2 answers

I am 59yrs old I've taken adderrall forever . Last year my psychiatrist who was prescribing me adderall tablets 60mg twice a day and 30 mg dextrostat in morning decided not to take insurance patients anymore and I couldn't afford to pay cash so she gave me a letter with what i take in the ...

Tenex - can you take tenax with strattera?

Posted 26 Oct 2009 by dups 1 answer

my grandson is supposed to have adhd and the prescriptions are tenax and strattera, tenax lowers the blood pressure,is it safe for him take these together? I am not comfortable with having to give my grandson any kind of the adhd drugs, do you have any suggestions?

Tenex - my daughter was diagnosed with a tic disorder, would this be a good medication for her?

Posted 7 Dec 2011 by zaylee 1 answer

She is 16yrs old and in 10th grade, in third grade, she was diagnosed with tourette syndrome, but is now down to only one tic and the Dr. diagnosed her with a tic disorder. She has never had high blood pressure or ADHD.

What is the difrent's in Tenex and Intuniv in treating ADHD children ?

Posted 12 Dec 2014 by leaka17 1 answer

My grandson was on one and now is on a different one

Besides blood pressure what else is tenex prescribed for?

Posted 23 Jun 2011 by pmcwilliams521 1 answer

I am 55 year old woman who was prescribed Tenex after admission for depression. What is the reason my doctor prescribed me that drug with abiliphy and celexa

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