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Teenage Pregnancy Questions

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How much does Plan B delay your period?

Posted 28 Mar 2017 by YoungBoy 1 answer

I had sex the day after my period ended, I took Plan B 48 hours later, I'm supposed to be getting my period this week but haven't got it yet. How much does Plan B delay a period?

Could I get pregnant if he put on a condom and we only had sex for a couple minutes?

Posted 24 Oct 2016 by hello1257 2 answers

My boyfriend and I recently started having sex and he always uses a condom. We always make sure to put it on correctly (we followed the instructions on the box just to be 100% sure we were doing it right). We only did it for a couple minutes because I was a virgin and it was sort of painful for me ...

Ortho Evra - having my period for 2 weeks between week 3 and 4?

Posted 6 Oct 2016 by Lauryn17 0 answers

Ive been using the patch for over a year now and its been great until last month I put on my patch on week 3 a day late and got my period , when I took my patch off the following week for my patch free week I continued to have my period there fore I had it for 2 weeks straight, that was fine I ...

Period is almost 4 months late! Can plan b mess it up this much?

Posted 14 May 2015 by Scardycat243 1 answer

I had my period in January. 3 days after the end of my period I had sex for the first time. We used a condom but it tore and I flipped out (even though he didn't ejaculate). completely forgetting that I have the nexplanon implant, I stupidly took plan b ( even though apparently plan b ...

My boyfriend and I have protected sex yesterday and he pulled out but?

Posted 24 Jun 2015 by Kaplanmazliah 1 answer

... He came outside of me and he was about to go back in when he looked down and saw the cum all over me. The condom broke but we're not sure when. He said he's 80% sure he pulled out but I'm still scared. We decided to not take plan b, and wait until my period comes to see if we ...

Teenage Pregnancy - what to do? Is this implantation or period?

Posted 13 Jan 2016 by Tigger453 0 answers

I had protected sex with a close FRIEND of mine. It was the result of a drunken night with allot of feelings being shared and I regret it. He used a condom but he finished without telling me and changed condoms, he told me later that he was too embarrassed to say anything in the moment. I broke it ...

Could I get pregnant?

Posted 31 Jul 2015 by singergirl97 1 answer

My boyfriend and I have been making out and each time I sit on his lap. He always has an erection and my underwear is always wet from getting "turned on". I have masturbated a few times when I have gotten home and he touches me down there (with pants on). I don't think he has ...

On the pill and use condoms - chance of getting pregnant?

Posted 3 Dec 2014 by lucyalicemarie 2 answers

Hello, I have been on birth control for 5 months. I take it at the exact same time daily. I am on no other medication. I had sex 2 weeks ago. We used a condom. But for 2 minutes, we didn't. I am not experiencing any pregnancy symptoms except I feel bloated and I have light cramps (barely) My ...

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