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Tardive Dyskinesia Questions

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Why should you not discontinue amantadine?

What happens when you stop taking amantadine?

What symptoms does amantadine treat?

How much does Ingrezza cost?

How long does it take for Austedo to work?

What condition is Austedo used to treat?

How long does it take for Ingrezza to work?

How effective is Ingrezza?

What is Gocovri (amantadine) and how does it work?

What condition is Ingrezza used to treat?

I have recently been diagnosed (finally) with a severe case of Tardive Dyskinesia. Is anyone else-?

suffering from this? Not to have a pity party, but these are my symptoms: Abnormal, uncontrollable tongue movements which cause me to rub my tongue against my teeth, causing unbearable pain. lip-biting and pursing and smacking lips (very unsightly and also very painful), tightening of my jaw and... read more

What can we try instead of Reglan to treat Gastroparesis?

My mother has taken Reglan for years, but has now come off the drug because of a diagnosis of tardive dyskinesia. Her symptoms are very bad to the point where we thought she had parkinson's disease. She is diabetic, has GERD and also Gastroparesis and the Reglan did help in digestion. Now we... read more

Is there anyone who had tardive dyskinesia and it stopped?

I'm from Poland and I have tardive dyskinesia before using abilify. Is it possible to cure it? Without drugs? Because I had take it only four months and I had akathisia and doctor have me also akineton. I am only 23 years old. I have schizotypic disorder. Please answer. I need help.

I have been taking Lexapro for several years. Has anyone developed Tardive Dyskinesia as a result?

... If so, what are your symptoms? Are you taking any meds to help ease up on the side effects of Lexapro?

Can Lexapro cause tardive dyskinesia?

I've been on lexapro for 6-7 months, 20 mg, can it cause tardive dyskinesia? How do I wean off of lexapro? My pdoc told me that lexapro could have not been the cause and that the 2.5 mg of abilify I took was the reason for it. I only took abilify for two weeks and I stopped, then... read more

How common is it to get tardive dyskinesia from taking reglan? Are there any alternatives to take?

I was recently diagnosed with gastroparesis and the Dr has prescribed reglan. I haven't started taking it yet due to reading about the side effects of it. The one that most concerns me is tardive dyskinesia. How common is it for people to get that while taking this med? I wouldn't be so... read more

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