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Talwin vs Suboxone?

Posted 9 Apr 2010 by kissypoo 5 answers

Can Talwin be used to treat addiction just as suboxone? It does have the same ingredient that stops other narcotics from having an affect? I dont understand... I cannot afford the suboxone and dont want to go the methadone route... is this a viable alternative?

How would you compare talwin to oxycodone ?

Posted 5 Oct 2011 by jeslynn82 2 answers

Will Talwin help ease opiate withdrawals?

Posted 6 Mar 2012 by mare711 3 answers

Is Talwin NX stronger than Hydrocodone?

Posted 18 Oct 2009 by laurano6 1 answer

I am on hydrocodone 10/325 three times a day (for 4 yrs), i have built up tolerance and it no longer works. Is talwin similar, better, etc? is it a stronger narcotic? i cant find much info on it. thanks,

Is talwin nx 50-0.5mg a opiate narcotic?

Posted 27 May 2010 by jarry allred 1 answer

is talwin nx stronger than oxycodone

How long does Talwin NX stay in your system?

Posted 26 Mar 2013 by iloveboyshun 1 answer

Does anybody know what family this talwin nx is in..what is a pain med that is like it..i know?

Posted 8 Oct 2009 by MICHELE27 1 answer

... nothing about it and we are researching it to see if it is ok for my dad to take before we get it..he was on norco 10. is this better? please someone explain. i dont know much about pain meds. thank you

What does talwin show up as in a drug screen?

Posted 16 Dec 2009 by jeffftw750 1 answer

I have been taking narco 10 for a severe back problem and I am gone from home and I forgot it I have

Posted 3 Aug 2011 by ladybullet 1 answer

... talwin nx can I take that can i take the talwin nx after i took the narco early this morning and if so what will it do to me

My dr just prescribed buspar patches and talwin for b/t pain taking me off roxycodone is that safe?

Posted 10 Sep 2011 by kohiopain 1 answer

I've been on percocet and roxys for ten years and I seem to be withdrawing. Can I take percocet too with these two drugs or are they an opiate blocker? I'm not getting much relief from the patch and the talwin is just making me sleep, which I needed after days of not sleeping.

Norco or talwin?

Posted 2 Feb 2012 by starbur28 1 answer

Im use to norcos will talwin help me with my constant pain

What drug is talwin similiar to does anyone know?

Posted 21 Dec 2010 by loud 1 answer

my doctor prescribed it to me for pain but ive never heard of it

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