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Can you call a suicide hotline from your cell phone without them?

Posted 22 Feb 2011 by ElizaJane23 13 answers

finding out your location and sending the police? I hate to take an option away from people, but I can't honestly offer this as something to do unless I know for certain - I can't lie to them. In my area the whole police and fire department would show up - they aren't very busy.. ...

Methocarbamol - my family member attempted suicide by taking 56 robaxin will there be long term?

Posted 3 Jul 2012 by iamclaycarroll 5 answers

... mental disablities?she is an extreme alcolholic

A perfect day with family and friends, why am I crying?

Posted 25 Dec 2012 by LaurieShay 15 answers

I don't get it. I just spent a wonderful day celebrating with family and friends, couldn't have been better. Now I'm alone and feeling sorry for myself. I just want to put an end to my life on such a perfect note. Life seems so difficult sometimes, always a struggle especially when ...

Does anyone have some good advice?

Posted 3 Mar 2011 by MelissaSweetie 13 answers

I have had anxiety followed by depression since I was about 8 years old. I've attempted to commit suicide 3 times. Yet, I've never been admitted into a hospital. I have seen numerous counselors and therapists and all of them listen to my life stories in aw but never have much of a ...

Overdose - A family member attempted suicide using Xanax. Now off life support but she suffers from?

Posted 24 Feb 2011 by usfbullstud 2 answers

... dimentia like confusion or hallucinations of some sort. Does anyone know if this is permanent? She's only 51 and if this is permanent she will need 24 hour care. It's been over a week since the incident and her stomach was pumped and filler with coal that has since then been released ...

Suicide - I have struggling recently to keep going. I am so tired of the fight. After having my?

Posted 20 Feb 2010 by FunHoneyBunny 8 answers

... brain surgery on an aneurism, I have not been the same person. I have tried tried to hang on to my life and business and its just not working. I have felt lost for so long and no way of getting control of it. Its reached the point to where I am tired of my fight with myself. I have bipolar in ...

What can ondansetron hcl overdose do?

Posted 27 Jun 2011 by justinlawry 2 answers

I wanted to suicide and realized it was a bad choice after i took the pills... I took 14 8mg ondansetron hcl pills, 2 tylenol severe cold pills, and 2 Dayquil liquicaps... i took them at 4 pm earlier its now 1:18. At felt drunk the whole time =(. if it helps im a 16 year old male weighing 124 ...

Please help severe depression, lethargy, severe anxiety. Nothing works?

Posted 6 Mar 2012 by Miserable in the south 4 answers

Hi. I need help/ advice. I have struggled with very bad depression and anxiety since my sister's suicide 20 years ago. I have now started having panic attacks. I have absolutely no desire for life or anything else. I have had therapy and tried every antidepressant as they have come along. ...

Is Adderall ever prescribed to treat mental illnesses besides ADD/ADHD?

Posted 7 Feb 2010 by fishe1 3 answers

I have had mental problems, anxiety/depression, for as long as I know. I'm 44 now, by 14 my illness was serious enough to attempt suicide for the first time. I was finally diagnosed with severe recurrent depression at age 24 after a couple more suicide attempts. I have since been diagnosed ...

I need ppl to help me cope with PTSD*BIPOLAR*CHRONIC PAIN*MANIC DEPRESSION* pls?

Posted 10 Mar 2012 by kristleann 8 answers

My doctors office cut me off all my meds because of no insurance an i am struggling very badly i have chronic thoughts of suicide an even attemted it I also have 4 step childeren an they need me but i am always so angry or deppressed i cant function, an i have been violent to my father an my ...

What are the long term effects of a serotonin overdose (attempted suicide) in a bipolar patient?

Posted 27 Feb 2011 by InfoSeeker88 3 answers

the person in question is Bipolar though im not sure which type and was misdiagnosed with depression. Because of this she was prescribed to celexa (a ssri) at 40mg once daily. As is supposed to be done she started at 20mg daily and moved to 40mg daily. After having complications with the depression ...

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - Whenever any of you are having PTSD flashbacks, are they so?

Posted 19 Jul 2010 by hardfi 5 answers

... overwhelming and humiliating that you almost wish you were dead or that you want to commit suicide because the past wont let you be free. I'm just asking because that is how mine get

Can taking xanax cause someone to commit suicide?

Posted 20 Dec 2010 by widowed 3 answers

This drug was given to my husband when he had a history of addiction to alcohol and he commited suicide a few months after starting it.

What happens when I take Ambien & Lexapro?

Posted 24 Mar 2011 by ebbbb 1 answer

Son committed Suicide taking these drugs.

Is it possible that the joy and hope that I feel after being on 2mg of abilify for only 2 days is?

Posted 11 Sep 2011 by TRD4life 7 answers

... REAL??? I have had TRD and MDD with near constant suicide ideation for at least 35 years. Tried all SSRIs and SSNRIs, Lthium, Serequol, Lamictal. Within the past 4 years 2 suicide attempts (1 leading to intensive care and both to the psyc ward YUK!) Approx 3 weeks ago started slipping into ...

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