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I heard my doctor say you can get diabetes, from taking seroquel. Is this right, who out there did?

Posted 27 Oct 2012 by Morton87 13 answers

My doctor also said weight gain also. I know about that one.But does any body know someone who have gotten diabetes, from taking this medicine.Is the status of catching diabetes from this medication high. I used to take geodon, but that medication made me feel like a zombie.I also was taking ...

Doc failed me for oxycodone in urine but I have a scrip for oxycontin op?

Posted 4 Jan 2012 by sasha224 7 answers

Due to 3 spinal cages in my lower back I have a scrip for 2 x Oxycontin OP 80 mg. My doctor changed my status to non-compliant yesterday saying my urine tested positive for oxycodone. I am so confused. I never take any medication other than what is prescribed to me and I thought oxycodone and ...

What is the current status of the Nucynta ER shortage?

Posted 13 Oct 2017 by Zoningsup 2 answers

Regarding the factory's damage from the Hurricane.

Relapse scared dont have any idea why I am going backwards. I feel like I am back in the withdrawl?

Posted 19 Jan 2011 by indianangel1232 6 answers

i am so scared, Its beeen 3 weeks since i have been off paxil and i still am not doing fine. I felt like i was back into withdrawl status today. I was in taht same paranoid state and my head felt like it wasnt screwed on tightly. i think i am spiralling real fast and im scared i dont have insurance ...

Trouble getting Flexeril brand name. Generic does not work for me. Manufacturer is back ordered?

Posted 1 Feb 2011 by goldenunicornpa 1 answer

... until March 2011 however the date keeps changing to a later one. (This status began in Nov 2010). Does anyone know of a pharmacy where they still have a supply of Flexeril brand name only?

Ajovy - How can I get in touch with a representative from Ajvoy?

Posted 11 days ago by Maria Mastromarino 0 answers

I sent in my documents for review along with my doctors prescription and was wondering what the next step was. There is no phone number on your website to call and check on my status

Heart rate increases when sleeping.. What are the causes?

Posted 3 Sep 2014 by syfares92 2 answers

A friend of me told me that he was sleeping and suddenly he woke up by his heart beating fast and could not breath smoothly.. For just few minutes and back to normal status

Depakote ER - Can Depakote 500 mg bid be taken with Adipex 37.5 mg daily?

Posted 13 Oct 2018 by GetWorkDone 1 answer

Taking Depakote 500mg bid/day for partial seizures with photophobia status post concussion from mva for 1.5 years now. I used to take Adipex 37.5mg to loose weight, but in the process found out it was AMAZING helping me with concentration and getting things done. That's when I self-diagnosed ...

What medication is there for shingles that is okay for someone with renal kidney failure?

Posted 15 May 2011 by YITZYO 1 answer

My husband was given acyclovir which has a side effect that produces "alternate mental status" which he got. He has renal kidney failure, is on dialysis and up for a kidney transplant. What medication beside acyclovir could he have gotten beside acyclovir?

I have been taking Livalo 2 mg for several years?

Posted 19 Aug 2013 by FLAJAYHAWK 1 answer

Yesterday, the pharmacist said the my prescription couldn't be refilled as the manufacturer wasn't making the product anymore. Can you confirm that this is the status? If so, why is the product being discontinued?

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