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Sotret Questions

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I've read a lot on isotretinoin side effects. What statistics are there for how effective it is?

Posted 5 Mar 2013 by schelasin 1 answer

Our dermatologist recommends Sotret for my 17 year-old's acne. How likely is one course of twenty weeks to make enough of a difference to warrant the risk of all those wonderful side effects? I can't find any statistics on how well it works at reducing acne, and how often one course of ...

What is the dosage of sotret for 18 years old girl?

Posted 5 Feb 2013 by sajanabadusha 1 answer

the dosage recommended by the doctor was twice a week,that is monday and thursday... i started taking the medicine from monday onwards... but by mistake i took the tablet tuesday also is there any problem...

Im using sotret and I had diagnose terminal ileitis proctits CROHN'S Disease?

Posted 5 Sep 2011 by nujom123 1 answer

Seven years ago i had severe uncontrollable loose motion i had taken to hospital and got few test's which are, biopsy, colonoscopy, report was terminal ileitis proctits CROHN'S Disease,,, i was hospitalized for 15 days and was normal after medication,,, at present im not taking any ...

I started taking sotret 20mg (september 2009) on my dermetogolist prescription. I stopped consuming

Posted 25 Mar 2011 by ansariyasir 1 answer

... those after 1 month as there were no more acne left on my frontage but, suffered again and I met the same doctor and was again under same treatment (may,june 2010). Again stopped taking those tablets... Now I am planning to go for complete 6 month course for the same. will that be ok or will i ...

Which face wash would be best for bad acne?

Posted 2 Aug 2010 by samjhani 1 answer

i have started taking sotret and its my 3rd therapy... i took twice before 6 months. i know sotret has many side effects though i am using it even i dont hav cysts and nodules but hve acne vulgaris. i tried many anitibiotics but didnt worked. wel i have very oily complexion and i am using freederm ...

What will be the best face wash for me?

Posted 8 Aug 2010 by samjhani 1 answer

i am taking sotret before i was using freederm exfoliating face wash but i heard it could be harsh or its a mild one? is it ok to use along with sotret? pls list me some best products( facewash ) for oily and acne prone skin . Is it matters or give side effects if i do vaccinate hepatitis or some ...

I hav stopped taking sotret . again I have a break outs?

Posted 1 May 2010 by samjhani 1 answer

i have bought antiblemish solution cleanser exfloaitor and mosterizer ? can i use or not ?

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