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Wellbutrin XL - quit smoking with bupropion xl 150 mg?

Posted 13 Dec 2012 by katie marino 7 answers

I started taking bupropion to quit smoking so how long will it take for this medicine to start working and making cigarettes nasty to the taste

What if you still smoke on Chantix?

Posted 11 Jun 2011 by tbug1 2 answers

My boyfriend has been on Chantix for 5 months now and he's still smoking. He has been smoking less. Instead of 1 pack per day he is smoking between 4 and 7 per day. I don't think he has actually tried to quit during this experience but rather hope the drug will work miracle.. I can't ...

Chantix - how to stop taking it correctly?

Posted 29 May 2014 by dirtyhippiegirl 4 answers

This is day 41 with no cigs. I started Chantix on April 12. I took it for a week; then stopped cigs and haven't had one since. I was only able to take the double doses for a week - it was making me too sick (nausea, stomach pains, shaky, couldn't breathe very well with any activity) so ...

Where can I get chantix if I don't have a dr or insurance?

Posted 21 Mar 2014 by Mountain due face 6 answers

I have asthma and I have smoked for years now I can hardly breath!!! My lungs are getting very weak and I can hardly breath!! I have to quit!!! Where can I get chantix?

Nicotine - Can I take off the patch just to smoke one stick and then put it back?

Posted 5 Sep 2014 by cisc 2 answers

I just started taking a Nicotine patch and i've managed to go through the day with out a cig however it's seriously hard. I'm wondering if i can take off the patch and just smoke one stick and then put the patch back on when i am done. I'm going to make sure this is not habitual ...

What is the difference between Wellbutrin SR and Zyban?

Posted 5 Nov 2009 by throckmorton 2 answers

I took Wellbutrin probably 20 years ago to quit smoking and stayed away from cigarettes for 2.5 years. Then I was out at a bar one night after breaking up with a girlfriend and one thing led to another and I was right back on cigarettes. Now at 49 years old, I've just started taking Wellbutrin ...

Chantix - Tips or tricks to manage nausea?

Posted 23 Nov 2014 by girffie 2 answers

After 3 weeks on this drug, I am still smoking tho markedly less. It is helping a great deal - I am smoking 8-12 a day VS 30-40 a day. However, the last four days I have been miserable with nausea. It doesn't matter if I eat, I am sick for 1-6 hours after taking the pill. I walk around the ...

Topamax/Topiramate Users? Here's my story - what's yours?

Posted 21 Mar 2012 by cupcakesbycandi 8 answers

Hi! I just started the long wind up dosage of Topamax last night. So far, so good haha! I have read mostly positive reviews from the folks who are using it for weight loss, and mostly negative reviews from the ones who were prescribed the drug for migraines. I see a connection. MY goal has always ...

Bupropion SR and anxiety?

Posted 19 Apr 2017 by Jakefromstatefarm 4 answers

Well I went to my doctor to see about help with anxiety. I got prescribed bupropion SR because I also wanna quit smoking. When I got home, I read bupropion​ is to treat depression, nothing about anxiety. I believe if it doesn't help anxiety, then it beats the purpose because my depression f ...

Is there a difference in cost between Wellbutrin, Zyban, bupropion?

Posted 3 May 2017 by MARCS326 2 answers

Cost differences between these 3 drugs?

Does hyperthyroidism affect the effectiveness of Zyban in smoking cessation program?

Posted 19 days ago by DJWWOLF59 0 answers

I have hyperthyroidism. The medical professionals have not diagnosed yet what is causing the hyperthyroidism. Waiting for my uptake scan on my thyroid, it is scheduled 2 weeks from now. My physician prescribed Zyban to help me quit smoking. I am finding that on Zyban I am smoking more. I do not ...

Missing 2 doses of bupropion?

Posted 21 Apr 2017 by Jakefromstatefarm 1 answer

So my buddy woke me up at 4 AM asking me if he could drive my car to work, because he had taken his doors off. I was extremely tired, so I said sure. Not thinking anything of it, i left my bupropion in my center console last night. He gets back at 7:30, which makes me miss 2 of my pills I was ...

Bupropion and headaches please help?

Posted 30 Mar 2017 by Chrstnsprz77 2 answers

Bupropion has been giving me headaches very frequently and my doctor dosnt want to take me off of it. Will the headaches go away? i am 2 months into the medication

Have stopped smoking on Champix. Brilliant! However, been taking tablet 7 weeks?

Posted 4 Apr 2017 by jill cupcake 1 answer

It's making me feel so sick and have a very sore dry mouth. Wanted to cut the dose in half or just take am tablet. Any advice please

I'm wondering if it's "cheating" to have a cigarette before taking my morning dose of Chantix? The?

Posted 20 Mar 2017 by sarsquared 1 answer

... drug makes me nauseous and my stomach starts to hurt right after taking it

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