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What is the max dose of diphenhydramine for adults?

I took two 50mg capsules thinking they were 25mg each (that is I took 100mg instead of 50mg) and it was the only thing that put me into a nice 6 hour sleep which I have not had for weeks! If it is acceptable I will try to take this to finally get some good sleep!

Does insomnia from Bupropion XL go away?

I have been taking Bupropion XL for 11 days. The drug seems to be helping with anxiety and depression. My problem is that I have insomnia. I tried getting thru the night by not taking any sleep aids but found I was only sleeping 2-3 hours. Has anybody else had this issue and if so does the insomnia... read more

Can you overdose on melatonin?

I just gave my son 3 mg of melatonin, and have now found out that his did dad has also given him his dose an hour ago. What do I do now? Should I be worried?

Can hydroxyzine hcl be used as a sleep aid?

My doctor said that this is used to treat itching and anxiety. My rosacea got out of hand, caused me terrible itching. My doctor prescribed hydroxyzine hcl to combat the itching so that I can sleep. Is this a good sleep aid, for instance, when you start a new antidepressant that can cause insomnia,... read more

Is hydroxyzine habit forming?

Was prescribed 50mg for anxiety and 100mg for sleep aid while waiting on buspar to take effect. Will I get hooked on hydroxyzine?

Will my morning sickness from trazodone ever go away?

I started off taking 100 mg of trazodone for a sleep aid a week ago but was anxious, dizzy, extremely tired the next day and vomiting. After one day I was told to cut it in half and be sure i take it at night and with a meal. I don't eat meals at 9 p.m. so i tried taking it after dinner. But I... read more

What is the maximum safe dosage of Benadryl/diphenhydramine as a sleep aid?

I was recently alarmed to find that my girlfriend has been taking what I consider to be an excessive dosage of diphenhydramine as a sleep aid. She has been averaging 30 25mg tablets a night (750mg). After doing some research online I came up with a number of answers for what is considered to be a... read more

What sleep aids may I take while on letrozole?

Is it ok to take Simply Sleep? Or Unisom?

What to expect at a sleep study?

Hello!! It has been a journey trying loads of sleep aids with little-to-no benefits. So my psychiatrist recommended me back to my medical doctor to make an appointment to a sleep study. I just received my referral and appointment will be scheduled soon. I am very excited to find what’s... read more

What are everyone's experiences taking Seroquel for sleep?

Just wondering of any side effects users have experienced when taking Seroquel as a sleep aid. When you wake up in the morning do you feel like a zombie?

Can I take Zzzquil and Unisom together?

I don’t know if there is anything else other than diphenhydramine in these sleep aids that would make it bad for me to take them together?

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