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Is 100 mg of diphenhydramine hcl for a sleep aid safe and if not, what is the maximum allowed?

Posted 27 Mar 2018 4 answers

I took two 50mg capsules thinking they were 25mg each (that is I took 100mg instead of 50mg) and it was the only thing that put me into a nice 6 hour sleep which I have not had for weeks! If it is acceptable I will try to take this to finally get some good sleep!

Can you overdose on melatonin?

Posted 5 Dec 2011 3 answers

I just gave my son 3 mg of melatonin, and have now found out that his did dad has also given him his dose an hour ago. What do I do now? Should I be worried?

Will 50ml of amitriptyline work immediately for sleeping?

Posted 16 Oct 2017 3 answers

I have insomnia and could go days without sleep if I don't take a sleep aid. I can take up to 400ml of saraquil for a good nights rest. Will 50ml of amitriptyline work immediately the first night to help sleep

What is the maximum safe dosage of Benadryl/diphenhydramine as a sleep aid?

Posted 25 Oct 2018 1 answer

I was recently alarmed to find that my girlfriend has been taking what I consider to be an excessive dosage of diphenhydramine as a sleep aid. She has been averaging 30 25mg tablets a night (750mg). After doing some research online I came up with a number of answers for what is considered to be a ...

I've been on 150 MG of trazodone for about 6 years. I've been prescribed for sleep. It's just not?

Posted 8 Jan 2017 3 answers

... doing the job anymore but I don't want to up the dosage. I'm going to ask for a different sleep aid. The only one that has helped in the past is Ambien. I'm also concerned about the fact that trazodone is also used for Depression. I'm frightened on stopping the medication ...

I took a sleep aid last night didnt work .can I take melatonin tonight safely?

Posted 30 Jan 2017 1 answer

sleep aid was called ( sleep aid) Diphenhydramine 25 mg.tabets i took 2 for total of 50mg. melatonin is liquid form recommended dosage

Can I take Zzzquil and Unisom together?

Posted 28 Oct 2017 1 answer

I don’t know if there is anything else other than diphenhydramine in these sleep aids that would make it bad for me to take them together?

Seroquel - I am on Seroquel how long does it take to work as a sleep aid took it one night it?

Posted 16 Nov 2018 0 answers

. didn’t help me sleep it’s junk I have really bad anxiety and insomnia.

Seroquel, Remeron, Melatonin, cyproheptadine as sleep aids?

Posted 25 Mar 2018 1 answer

So I'm on all of the above as sleep aids. 300 mg of Seroquel (or quetiapine), 7.5 mg of Remeron (or mirtazapine), 6 mg of Melatonin, and 4 mg of Cipro. My question is this. I took all of these around 8 pm, I was in bed out cold by 8:30 pm. The police came pounding on my door around 10 pm and ...

Will my morning sickness from trazodone ever go away?

Posted 7 Apr 2018 1 answer

I started off taking 100 mg of trazodone for a sleep aid a week ago but was anxious, dizzy, extremely tired the next day and vomiting. After one day I was told to cut it in half and be sure i take it at night and with a meal. I don't eat meals at 9 p.m. so i tried taking it after dinner. But I ...

I have MVP and I have trouble sleeping at night?

Posted 9 Apr 2017 1 answer

I have MVP most of my life and as I get older I am finding myself having a hard time sleeping at night. So I didn't know if I was able to take a sleep aid to help me sleep such as melatonin or zolpiden at night when I cant fall asleep. Thank You

Toxicity of OTC sleep aid toxicity and long term effects?

Posted 16 Oct 2018 1 answer

I was diagnosed 2 months ago with fibromyalgia. After 7 years of trying to pinpoint the cause of so many health issues over the years, insomnia was my first symptom. I literally would go 3-4 days without being able to get my body to fall asleep. I started off taking 25mg of Tylenol PM 8 years ago. ...

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