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How long after getting the skyla inserted befor my boyfriend and ejaculate inside me?

Posted 13 Apr 2016 by Shelbycat 1 answer

I got my skyla inserted 3 days ago and I was wonder how long I had to wait befor my boyfriend is able to ejaculate inside me

How does Kyleena compare to Liletta, Mirena and Skyla?

Posted 30 Nov 2016 1 answerFAQ by

Skyla - When will my period stop?!?

Posted 8 Dec 2016 0 answers

I found out I have PCOs and had to go on medicine to make me start a period to get this IUD and anyway. I got my period three weeks ago and got the Skyla IUD inserted on the third day of my normal 7 day cycle . 3 weeks later I'm still bleeding and beyond frustrated. I called my doctor at two ...

Skyla - Continuous severe cramping, 2months after insertion?

Posted 19 Nov 2016 by Firefighter562 2 answers

It's been 2 months with skyla. I haven't stopped bleeding or spotting. I have severe cramps during my entire cycle. Anytime I workout or use my abdominal muscles I always get cramping. As I am a firefighter I workout extremely hard multiple times a week. Can this have displaced my IUD? I ...

Will I lose weight switching from the Depo to Skyla? Will I get a period?

Posted 15 Nov 2016 by Kamryj26 0 answers

I've been on the Depo for 5+ years and in the last 12-16 months, I have gained a lot of weight, depression, anxiety, anger, and mood swings have gotten worse. I am switching to Skyla and I wanted to know, will I lose weight switching birth controls? If i don't have a period, will I get ...

Has anyone experienced hairloss on Skyla?

Posted 25 Oct 2016 by Afimmz 1 answer

I am 24 with no children, and got skyla inserted in July 2016. Before skyla, I had zero cramps and the fullest hair on my head. It's been few months that I have horrible cramps (sometimes I fall to the floor from pain) and since 3 weeks ago my hair starded shedding.. my hair is in half. Anyone ...

My Skyla was inserted on the 5th and and my period was on the 20th the month before. I had sex 11?

Posted 24 Oct 2016 by 16nobleca 0 answers

... days after Skyla was inserted and he came inside of me. Is there any possible way I could be pregnant?

Skyla - Was anyone afraid of it moving and causing you to be sterile?

Posted 11 Nov 2016 by Mouserat21 0 answers

I'm terrified that it will move into my uterine wall and cause me to loose fertility. I may not want kids now but I would like to have that option in the future.

Skyla - Bleeding during sex?

Posted 1 Oct 2016 by pm18 1 answer

I got my IUD inserted 3 weeks ago. My period started right after and lasted 12 days. While I wasn't on my period anymore, there was blood during sex the day after. Do you think it's safe to assume it's leftover from my menstrual cycle or should I be worried about it? I've had ...

My girlfriend got Skyla inserted in her exactly a week before her period?

Posted 28 Aug 2016 by Raider2 0 answers

My girlfriend got Skyla inserted in her exactly a week before her period. And I cam inside of her 4 days after it was inserted. Is it effective in that time and are we alright? We thought that we were okay because some sources said that it was effective within 3 days and some said a week so we are ...

How soon after the insertion of Skyla did you stop having your period?

Posted 1 Oct 2016 by Juliap97 1 answer

I got my Skyla inserted August 3rd and I've only had 1 period, and it was light and only lasted a few days. And I haven't had another one since then, or spotting or anything. I'm wondering if anyone else is having this experience

Skyla - Does anyone else have pain with climax?

Posted 12 Sep 2016 by LaurenRae 0 answers

Everytime I either have sex, or do it myself, when it comes to time of climax it hurt's really bad up inside my vagina and then I get cramps afterwards. Is this normal? Is something wrong?

Just wondering, I'm on a IUD named Skyla for birth control?

Posted 22 Aug 2016 by Nicole Tuten 1 answer

Had sex 2 times in the passed 3 weeks, wore condoms but not sure if he pulled out. Should I be worried about being pregnant? And what's the percentage of getting pregnant with Skyla? Please help!

Skyla - How can you told if it fall out?

Posted 17 Sep 2016 by Watergurl1125 0 answers

I had it for year and half and have no to very very light period but the last week I had a heavy period which is not normal for me with skyla..

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