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Does anyone else experience anxiety with Skyla?

I have had the Skyla for about 7 months now and ever since I have had it put in I'm always anxious my heart rate is always high.

Posted 2 days 19 hours ago 1 answer

Has anyone switched from Depo to Skyla IUD?

I have been on Depo for over a year and I have gained 15lbs and keep gaining. I am a professional modern dancer so I'm active everyday in classes and rehearsing, it's not like I am sitting ...

Posted 7 days ago 1 answer

Skyla - I'm experiencing really bad pain, not at all like period cramps. Is this normal?

I got the Skyla 7/6/2016. Pain was horrible. Was in a ton of pain right after, it's 3 days later and still hasn't stopped. This isn't ANYTHING like cramping. It's not excruciating ...

Posted 18 days ago 1 answer

What can cause the Skyla to move from its original position ? Because I have it for 3 days now and I

... been so slow lately like I don't run or jump just because I'm afraid that if I do any fast/ strong movements it can affect the Skyla and make it move and be in the wrong position And i ...

Posted 12 days ago 0 answers

Possibility of being pregnant?

So I had sex a couple of days ago and I'm on a birth control named Skyla it's a implant, but he didnt cum inside he came on the out side of my vagina but we whipe it away and then just to ...

Posted 6 Jun 2016 1 answer

Skyla - Not having period? Sharp pains and/or bloating?

Hi! I got the Skyla inserted April 20th, 2016 and now it's been almost 2 months since I've gotten it. I spotted for the first 6 weeks but haven't bled or had my period since. Is it ...

Posted 14 days ago 0 answers

Does Skyla cause sudden weight gain?

I got Skyla put in three weeks ago, and I have suddenly gained four pounds since then. My eating habits have not changed. Has this happened to other people? Will the weight go away on it's own ...

Posted 30 Jun 2016 0 answers

Skyla bleeding dark red?

So I am 22 with no children. Wanted to the skyla hopefully after 6 years I'll be ready. I know this is for 3 years. The procedure was okay the nurse said I took it well compared to others so I ...

Posted 28 Jun 2016 0 answers

Skyla - Did you experience weight gain or weight loss?

Every from of hormonal birth control causes me to gain weight so I am terrified of weight gain on Skyla (professional dancer - so even a 5lbs gain can cause the director to call me in). But I've ...

Posted 25 Jun 2016 0 answers

Skyla - What is the removal process experience?

The insertion for me was yes, the most pain I've ever experienced (even so I have many tattoos). I blame my doctor for not telling me what was involved. Got it Thursday and I don't think I ...

Posted 11 Jun 2016 0 answers

How long after getting the skyla inserted befor my boyfriend and ejaculate inside me?

I got my skyla inserted 3 days ago and I was wonder how long I had to wait befor my boyfriend is able to ejaculate inside me

Posted 13 Apr 2016 1 answer

How has Skyla affected you if you were not using BC prior to getting Skyla?

I'm looking to find how Skyla affected you if you were not on BC before (no types of birth control), especially as far as acne and weight gain. Of course not limited to those two, but definitely ...

Posted 15 Jun 2016 0 answers

Is skyla 100 percent secure?

If I have sex everyday I will not get pregnant with skyla?

Posted 12 May 2016 1 answer

4 weeks after skyla insertion have not had period yet?

I got Skyla about a month ago A day after my period ended, a week after having it my boyfriend and I had sex and came in me a little bit. I have a period tracker and is pretty accurate, I am not a ...

Posted 14 May 2016 0 answers

Skyla - Reply to: pt. not happy?

That sounds like my story, pt. not happy! I wish you could somehow see this question and tell me which pills don't cause weight gain for you!! Fingers crossed. Hope things going well for you! ...

Posted 18 May 2016 0 answers

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