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Sanctura Questions

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Can burning feeling on lips, tongue, throat and stomach be a reation to vesicare or sanctura?

Posted 27 Oct 2010 by Jeffsbuggy 2 answers

My wife started on vesicare and took for three days, !st day stomach pain and burning, 2nd day - same as 1st day but with throat burning and mild swelling 3rd day- Same as 1st and 2nd day with mouth, tongue, and lips burning and severly red gum with black splotches. Stopped taking, saw urologest 2 ...

How long to notice results?

Posted 22 Jan 2010 by igotubabe 3 answers

I have suffered from chonic pain for 26 years, symptoms of UTI's but no infection, doctors have been baffled, been through batteries of testing, including numerous CAT scans in which I was told that may cause me cancer! Finally, I am being told that this may be Interstitial Cystitis and to try ...

Is it a good idea to take sanctura xr if you are also taking furosimide for fluid retention/CHF?

Posted 18 Mar 2011 by SCPFD1 2 answers

My dad is getting pain management shots in his back for pinched nerves. Mediction injection is primarily steroids which cause fluid retention. Also has a hx of CHF that causes extremity swelling. He is on Lasix 20 mg. Because he hasn't been getting sleep due to an overactive bladder secondary ...

Why is sanctura so high in price?

Posted 9 Nov 2011 by Ladynell75 2 answers

I went to get my meds refilled. When I found out that my insurance will not cover the cost, I asked how much. When they told me the price, I said no thanks. I will suffer with my incontanence. Can I secure some help for this drug besides paying $550?

Sanctura - Is Santura 20 mg more effective than Oxybutynin CL ER?

Posted 29 Jan 2013 by GmaRue 1 answer

My insurance is insisting that I discontinue Oxybutynin which has served me well for many years and is already a generic, and begin taking Santura.

Sanctura - How long should I give this medication before deciding you continue?

Posted 20 Aug 2018 by Irisch 0 answers

I am trying to switch from Vesicare to Sanctura. Hope it is a better drug for me!

How long does it take for Sanctura XR 60mg cap to work?

Posted 2 Mar 2010 by jayrene68 1 answer

I take care of an elderly man that has just started taken Sanctura XR 60mg cap. I don't see a difference in his usage of using the bathroom.

I am a 72 year old female. I have been treated with Sanctura XR for overactive bladder. I stopped?

Posted 3 Dec 2010 by Carolee Taylor 2 answers

... taking it a week ago since there was no improvement. I began taking Metformin this week for Type II Diabetes. I noticed on the 2nd day that the symptoms for over active bladder have disappeared. I am scheduled for Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation on Tuesday. Should I cancel this procedure ...

Sanctura - does this drug causes weight gain?

Posted 11 May 2012 by angel7759 1 answer

How does this drug affect weight? What are the main side affects?

Are there any side effects if I discontinue the use of Sanctura?

Posted 16 Mar 2010 by Pat Ferguson 1 answer

After discontinuing the use of Sanctura, my hands and feet have started swelling. I didn't know if this might be something caused by no longer using Sanctura.

Have a problem of going to bathroom and not emptying out and put on over active bladder when I can'?

Posted 8 Apr 2010 by J-Quilter 1 answer

I have a problem urnitiang and the doc put me on versicare which I had a bad reaction and now he has me on sanctura xr which is also giving me a bad reaction. Has anyone out there been put on these meds for having a problem of going every 30 to 60 minutes and not empty the bladder and then was put ...

Sanctura - I am on Santura for an overactive bladder and I also wear a fentyl patch for my back pain

Posted 24 Sep 2010 by colafan 1 answer

... all I do is sleep. Is the Santura reacting with my patch?

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