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Salicylic Acid Questions

We found 15 questions associated with the 'Salicylic Acid' topic.

What can happen if you do use salicylic acid on an open wound or damaged skin?

Posted 18 Jun 2010 by Hizzie 1 answer

What would a severe problem look like if used in this manner? is this a poison control issue?

Can I use salicylic acid products with ADAPALENE 0.1 gel ?

Posted 9 Nov 2013 by Uzma1411 1 answer

I have three questions actually.I have recently started using PIMPAL i.e ADAPALENE 0.1% gel. So here are my questions: 1) Should I use my moisturizer (clean and clear essential moisturizer oil free preventing pimples and blackheads) and wash face (Garnier neem Face wash ) with it or not, because ...

Can salicylic acid wart remover discs be used after the expiration date?

Posted 5 Mar 2012 by agarner1016 1 answer

I found the box in my grams drawer. I have a wart on my hand and I put a disc on it and was looking at the box and the expiration date is 04/01 os it still ok to use it?

Which cream and face wash of salicylic acid is useful for oily and acne prone skin?

Posted 10 Sep 2010 by poorna saxena 4 answers

my skn is very oily and prone to acne... it is quite sensitive too... i need my acnes to be treated as soon as possible because now these have also left their marks on my face... so which cream and face wash i should use for the problem??

Is salicylic acid acne wash a good face cleanser to use with Aczone?

Posted 18 Apr 2012 by acne cure 1 answer

I use salicylic acid face wash and sometimes Purpose soap to wash my face before I apply Aczone for my acne, I was wondering will this irritate my acne and make it worse, or should I use something else.

Salicylic Acid - I'm using the Fungi-nail toe and foot cream on my 93 yr old, diabetic husband's?

Posted 24 Jul 2013 by abmbdb 2 answers

... feet due to severe toenail fungus. We just started 2 days ago. On the toes that have the worse fungus, his toe nails have turned a dark yellow color. Is this normal? He has no sting or any discomfort from the treatment

Is it okay to use salicylic acid to remove skin tags under my arms?

Posted 11 Nov 2010 by emmanuel12603 1 answer

i'm 65 and have been cutting skin tags recently. they are okay but bleed a little at the beginning. someone recommended wart remover - will "maximum strength wart remover liquid" help remove the skin tags?

In the us what is the highest percentage of salicylic acid that can be put into a product for over?

Posted 21 Jan 2014 by pleaseinfo 1 answer

... the counter and perscription? also through an aesthetician

Salicylic Acid - can this be used in combo with avosil to treat fibromas with a patient that has?

Posted 21 Aug 2009 by rogershill 1 answer

... neurofibromatosis? I have been doing some research and came across some information that supposedly this could be used and over time a person could see a difference in their appearance. Of course it has to be perscribed by a doctor and from what I understand prepared by a pharmacist. Is any of ...

I applied neutrogena oil-free acne wash and had a bad allergic reaction. what can I do to counter?

Posted 30 May 2010 by Calmora4 1 answer

the swelling. the active ingredient is salicyclic acid.

Salicylic Acid - Any one know possible consequences of canine ingestion of funginail.

Posted 15 Oct 2012 by dhsper 1 answer

Cap chewed off of 1 0z bottle less than 1/4 full. 5 dogs and don't know which is the offending party. Any vet paramedics available? emt trained. Unsure if and when ingestion occured. Last saw bottle at 4 hours previously. Too late to ingest vomiting and don't know which dog ingested.

Is my topical salicylic acid face wash lowering my BC effectiveness?

Posted 26 Mar 2015 by brooklyn18 1 answer

I have been on Microgestin for 4 months. I take it at the exact time everyday. I am not on any oral antibiotics. When I started my new pack just now I decided to read the drug info it came with, (I should have read it when I first got it but I thought the doctor went over it pretty well) it said ...

Is it bad to use expired Blackhead Clearing Scrub?

Posted 5 Jun 2017 by ReneeNuse 1 answer

The expiration date on the Family Dollar brand of Blackhead Clearing Scrub (Salicylic Acid Acne Medication) "gently exfoliates to lift away dirt and oil"

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