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What will happen if I stop Rogaine - will I continue to lose hair?

Posted 18 Jul 2010 by hhickm21 4 answers

Did you stop treatment and if so, did your hair loss get worse after stopping treatment? I am 22 as well and am desperately trying to stop hair loss due to severe stress. I am scared to start and then be dependent on it to keep my hair.

Is there a connection between use of Rogaine and "Man Boobs"?

Posted 20 days ago by Pnoman1 0 answers

I have been using Rogaine for over a year and "man boobs" have appeared and are getting larger. Please help with any advice you can give.

Can I use Rogaine with seboric dermatitis?

Posted 26 Jul 2017 by dmiller95 0 answers

I also use clobetasol 0.5 percent

Will using Rogaine for beard growth stunt natural hair growth?

Posted 5 Jul 2017 by thadengel 1 answer

The men in my family can all grow quite nice beards, but I am 20 and don't grow much in the way of a beard and I'd really like to. My question is, will starting to use Rogaine, or the generic version, prevent me from growing a beard naturally in the future?

I've been on Viibryd for about three weeks, taking 40 mg the last five days. While I feel better, I?

Posted 4 Jun 2017 by Terrylsquier 2 answers

... notice my hair is receding and thinning out. I am wondering if I can not stop the Viibryd but add good hair restoration vitamins and possibly Rogaine to possibly bring my hair back to where it used to be. Anyone have any thoughts about this. I sure hate to give up on an antidepressant that is ...

After 3 months of muscle/joint weakness and pain I was Dec.2016 with dermatomyositis?

Posted 27 Apr 2017 by Berrygirl48 2 answers

... After being on prednisone a few weeks I began to feel better but and am now experiencing significant hair loss. I'm using Rogaine and taking Hair, Skin and Nail vitamins. I am seeing new hair but also still losing old. Any others with this condition and your input would be helpful

I had a full head of hair, no thinning but a bit of a receding hairline. I have used Rogaine and?

Posted 2 Apr 2017 by Newuser123 0 answers

... applied it only to my temples for about 2-3 weeks and it has made my hairline recede even further and now it has gone from a bit of receding to being noticeable in just a few weeks. The hairs which are going away seem to be perfectly fine healthy hairs. Will these hairs grow back? When the ...

How do I spread 1ml of Rogaine evenly on my head?

Posted 24 Mar 2017 by Roheee 0 answers

Im supposed to be using 1ml of Rogaine twice a day but I have three different specific spots I want to focus on: the two corners of my hairline snd the crown at the top of my head. How should I spread the rogaine? I've been using 1/3rd of a ml for wach but I'm not sure it thats enough?

Rogaine - Does Minoxidil (for men) pose a risk when trying to get pregnant, can it affect sperm?

Posted 9 Jul 2011 by tim_we 1 answer

Can it negatively affect sperm and or DNA?

If I stop applying women's Rogaine, will there be a period of more hair loss than prior to using it?

Posted 31 Oct 2016 by lotsofhair 1 answer

I have used Rogaine for a few years now and it works. I had a minor hair loss problem that wasn't very noticeable. After a recent serious hospitalization, I stopped using it and my hair loss was MUCH worse than prior to starting it. Could this have been a temporary reaction, or is this what ...

My hair is falling out and losing its Vibrance?

Posted 22 Sep 2016 by Gulf123 0 answers

I'm a 19 year old male. Last November I started noticing more hair fall. It's continued, and now it's September of the next year and hair loss is basically ruining my life. I've tried Rogaine and Propecia which weren't for me, so I quit. I just started a new hair regrowth ...

Rogaine - will this help if you have alopecia?

Posted 14 Aug 2016 by Rebeccapt 1 answer

I have lost all my hair eyebrows eyelashes etc took 3 years to grown back after having painful treatment from hospital. Since then (2009) I get bold patches all the time then they griw back then it will fall out somwhere else and my hair has grown back very thin .

After 4 months of Regaine 5%, should I stop?

Posted 25 May 2016 by median_hilal 2 answers

I have been regularly using Regaine 5% foam for men for four months. Here I am reporting: 1. The shedding hasn't stopped since I started using Regaine, especially in the frontal line, and the remaining hair is curly and weak. But I am not sure if this is because of the original alopecia ...

Rogaine Women's - I've noticed rigaine affecting my hair dye. Has anyone else had this happen? I?

Posted 14 May 2016 by Emee 1 answer

... have my hair professionally colored and I noticed its stripping the color off

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