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I am on the pill (rigevidon) and I'm four days into my break with no period?

Posted 14 May 2015 by Meganrhianna 1 answer

I'm four days into my break from the pill which I take for 21 days a month then a 7 day break before beginning a new pack. I don't use condoms during sex however my boyfriend always pulls out and has never cum inside me. I am scared and nervous and would like to know how possible it is ...

Am I protected from pregnancy on my 7 days off?

Posted 25 Apr 2018 by Tennis99 0 answers

I took my second to last pill over 12 hours late and taken my last pill of my pack practically on time. I’ve been taking this pill since September 2017. Am I still protected from pregnancy on my 7 days off now?

On the rigevidon pill, I’ve taken my last pill a day late, what will happen?

Posted 29 Mar 2018 by curious222 0 answers

I’ve been taking this pill for almost 3 years now and had forgotten to take the last one yesterday, so I took it today. I normally get my period on Sunday, but assume that my period will come on Monday this time? I like the cycle I’m on and was wondering if I could start my next pack ...

Nexplanon - Should I be worried about being pregnant?

Posted 27 Dec 2017 by Chlo1234 1 answer

... so I had the impant put in in feb 2016 and it caused me to bleed almost constantly. So i was put on the pill rigevidon and was on that on and off for a couple of months. I had my last strip and bled as normal afterwards. Since then I have missed one period and the second is late so far. Me and ...

I am on my 3rd packet of Rigevidon and after having sex for the first time in around 2 months....

Posted 21 Dec 2017 by Smac3 0 answers

... I bled quite a lot and then it stopped. I also changed the time I take the pill to take it earlier? Is there any link? Or any risk? When we had sex we used a condom too but it broke inside.

Do sleeping aids such as “Advil PM” affect the contraceptive pill Rigevidon? Thank you!!?

Posted 17 Dec 2017 by Worrier2636 0 answers

I am worried sleeping aids reduce effectiveness of Rigevidon. I have used Numark sleeping aids and Advil PM. Are they OK?

Is there a chance of pregnancy stopping the pill after sex mid pack?

Posted 13 Nov 2017 by Laurenmae10 0 answers

I have been on and off rigevidon for a few years now. I have taken my last three packets back to back, I have around 6 pills left within the pack where I have had so many cramps and brownish bleeding for around 5 days. On Sunday 12th I took my pill like normal in the morning, but then decided ...

I took the combined pill Rigevidon 23 hours after I was meant to, am I still covered?

Posted 22 Jul 2017 by LR115 0 answers

I've been on the pill for a while so I was fully covered. Am I still covered if I take it, and todays pill?

Body odour and the pill?

Posted 3 Jul 2017 by ArtyEmilyB 0 answers

Hi, so recently my boyfriend informed me that he has basically noticed when I sweat, it smells. He says he doesn't notice it all the time, (mainly at night as his house is boiling and he has an attic room) but I'm wondering if there is any connection to being on the pill? I've been ...

Rigevidon - Will my bleeding stop when first taking the pill?

Posted 18 Mar 2017 by DauntlessDrugs 1 answer

Hello! I've searched the wide web and couldn't find an answer to this so I figured I would ask on? here. I have just started my period and also took the first rigevidon pill today. What changes will i see today? My main question is, will my current bleeding stop? I'm not entirely ...

Is light brown bleeding mid cycle on the pill normal or am I pregnant?

Posted 5 Jan 2017 by qwerty54321 0 answers

I recently switched pills from Rigevidon to Loestrin 20. My doctor didn't tell me that another form of contraception would be needed if i had sex for the first 7 days of taking the new pill so i didn't use any. I then started having what was like a very light period/brown discharge on the ...

Pregnant on the pill and with condoms?

Posted 1 Mar 2017 by ArtyEmilyB 0 answers

Hi, so I'm very worried right now, I religiously take the pill Rigevidon, and we always use condoms, which have never broken, yet I am very worried I could be pregnant. I know it's highly unlikely but have read horror stories about girls who managed to get pregnant this Way, and lately ...

2nd month on birth control, no period, possible pregnancy?

Posted 13 Apr 2016 by ArtyEmilyB 1 answer

Hi, so I'm currently very worried, I've been on the birth control pill Rigevidon for just over 2 months, taken them at the same time every day and never missed a pill. A couple of weeks ago I had sex for the first time, I've had sex 3 times altogether and we used condoms throughout, ...

I'm took my pill late and now I've been bleeding for 9 days?

Posted 11 Sep 2016 by Girlpower94 0 answers

I'm on rigevidon (21 day pills) and I took 2 pills late in the second week, and now I've just finished the end of the pack and I'm still bleeding! Will I still have my period next week or will I stop bleeding? How long does spotting normally last? I was hoping to carry onto the next ...

If combined birth control pills stop ovulation, then why are they only over 99% effective?

Posted 4 Jan 2016 by UltraRareKitten 0 answers

I have just started taking the combined birth control pill Rigevidon and I have heard that it stops ovulation. If I am taking the pills perfectly at the exact same time every day for three weeks with one week break between each pack, then how come it is only over 99% effective and not 100% ...

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