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Rigevidon Questions

We found 5 questions associated with the 'Rigevidon' topic.

I am on the pill (rigevidon) and I'm four days into my break with no period?

Posted 14 May 2015 by Meganrhianna 1 answer

I'm four days into my break from the pill which I take for 21 days a month then a 7 day break before beginning a new pack. I don't use condoms during sex however my boyfriend always pulls out and has never cum inside me. I am scared and nervous and would like to know how possible it is ...

2nd month on birth control, no period, possible pregnancy?

Posted 13 Apr 2016 by ArtyEmilyB 1 answer

Hi, so I'm currently very worried, I've been on the birth control pill Rigevidon for just over 2 months, taken them at the same time every day and never missed a pill. A couple of weeks ago I had sex for the first time, I've had sex 3 times altogether and we used condoms throughout, ...

Rigevidon - Will my bleeding stop when first taking the pill?

Posted 18 Mar 2017 by DauntlessDrugs 1 answer

Hello! I've searched the wide web and couldn't find an answer to this so I figured I would ask on? here. I have just started my period and also took the first rigevidon pill today. What changes will i see today? My main question is, will my current bleeding stop? I'm not entirely ...

Is Rigevidon safe? (Contraceptive Pill concern after numerous social media posts)?

Posted 7 Aug 2018 by ArtyEmilyB 1 answer

So recently I've noticed A LOT of posts on social media about the contraceptive pill Rigevidon. I have been taking it over 2 years with no problems, but the growing media presence it has and petitions to remove it are extremely worrying. Obviously the side effects are noted in the booklet ...

Im on the pill am I pregnant? we had unprotected sex?

Posted 29 Aug 2015 by danni1995 1 answer

Hi, I started taking Rigevidon a month ago and this is my first pill break. Me and my long term partner had unprotected sex (which he finished inside me) last sunday I haven't had a period yet and I have to start taking it again on Wednesday am I pregnant?

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