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Rigevidon Questions

We found 6 questions associated with the 'Rigevidon' topic.

I am on the pill (rigevidon) and I'm four days into my break with no period?

Posted 14 May 2015 by Meganrhianna 1 answer

I'm four days into my break from the pill which I take for 21 days a month then a 7 day break before beginning a new pack. I don't use condoms during sex however my boyfriend always pulls out and has never cum inside me. I am scared and nervous and would like to know how possible it is ...

Is light brown bleeding mid cycle on the pill normal or am I pregnant?

Posted 15 days ago by qwerty54321 0 answers

I recently switched pills from Rigevidon to Loestrin 20. My doctor didn't tell me that another form of contraception would be needed if i had sex for the first 7 days of taking the new pill so i didn't use any. I then started having what was like a very light period/brown discharge on the ...

I'm took my pill late and now I've been bleeding for 9 days?

Posted 11 Sep 2016 by Girlpower94 0 answers

I'm on rigevidon (21 day pills) and I took 2 pills late in the second week, and now I've just finished the end of the pack and I'm still bleeding! Will I still have my period next week or will I stop bleeding? How long does spotting normally last? I was hoping to carry onto the next ...

2nd month on birth control, no period, possible pregnancy?

Posted 13 Apr 2016 by ArtyEmilyB 1 answer

Hi, so I'm currently very worried, I've been on the birth control pill Rigevidon for just over 2 months, taken them at the same time every day and never missed a pill. A couple of weeks ago I had sex for the first time, I've had sex 3 times altogether and we used condoms throughout, ...

If combined birth control pills stop ovulation, then why are they only over 99% effective?

Posted 4 Jan 2016 by UltraRareKitten 0 answers

I have just started taking the combined birth control pill Rigevidon and I have heard that it stops ovulation. If I am taking the pills perfectly at the exact same time every day for three weeks with one week break between each pack, then how come it is only over 99% effective and not 100% ...

Haven't got my period this month after skipping it last month?

Posted 4 Dec 2015 by Elliebiersack 0 answers

I'm on the rigevidon combined oral contraceptive pill, I skipped my period break last month, and after finishing my second pill pack on Monday I was expecting my period on Tuesday or Wednesday, it's now Friday and I'm panicking. I'm getting cramps, but there's no signs of ...

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