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Rhinorrhea Questions

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What works the best for post nasal drip?

Posted 25 Mar 2013 by aunnierah 5 answers

i just don't know which of these meds to use or works better then the other: - maximum strength mucinex, - aleve cold and sunus I tried benadryl but it does not work or only works for an hour or so.

Can zyrtec or claritin help with post nasal drip?

Posted 24 Oct 2010 by ninacreek 7 answers

I have post nasal drip and dr thinks i am alergic to dusts mites. recommended singular, but I don't like taking it. Is zyrtec or claritin a good alternative

Can I combine my antibiotic ( amoxicillin ) with an allergy pill ( diphenhydramine) ?

Posted 25 Oct 2010 by dadkate2 2 answers

I was given amoxicillin for strep throat but just got an allergy so I would like to take an over the counter allergy pill for watery eyes, runny nose and snezzing.

Can my son take fever reducing tylenol after taking nyquil(cold and runny nose only)?

Posted 27 Feb 2012 by marij.jones 1 answer

I gave my 6 yr old 1/2 tbsp of nyquil to help with cold symptoms (it only has meds in it for cold and runny nose). I later realized that he was running a fever. Can I now give him a dose of regular fever reducing tylenol?

How long does it take for loratadine to take effect?

Posted 25 Apr 2012 by marmast 1 answer

I just took my 2nd pill, 24 hours after the first. Still have very itchy eyes, runny nose, bad cough, headache, etc. Should I give up and try another antihistimine? I used Loratadine last fall and it worked then.

Zyrtec vs Claritin: What's the difference?

Posted 8 Sep 2016 1 answerFAQ by

Zyrtec and Claritin are both antihistamines, but which one is more effective for conditions such as allergic rhinitis or postnasal drip?

Can I take another 20mg Cialis after 48 hrs from taking the first one?

Posted 19 Jun 2015 by Cheat567 1 answer

I took my first cialis pill and experienced some side effects including headache and a runny nose, my question is that can I take another 20mg cialis now that 48hrs have passed since the first one? And another quick question , is it fine to drink one glass of vodka or wine after I take my 20mg ...

My 3 yr old son had runny nose for a week no fever than runny poop with a rash on his stomach area?

Posted 2 days 1 hour ago by shannonrenee1977 0 answers

now his symptom is a small fever. Rectal temp was 101.7 an hour ago. I am out of his fever medicine. Only thing I have is the generic equate children's multi symptom cold and fever reducer for 6-12. It has 325 mg acetaminophen, 200 mg dextromethorphan 200 mg guaifenesin and 5 mg of ...

Can these be taken together?

Posted 18 Nov 2016 by Golden430 1 answer

Hi so recently I was diagnosed with a sinus infection with postnasal drip. As a result of my post nasal drip I have had a lingering chronic cough. My doctor put me on 500mg of Cephalexin for 10 days 2 pills twice a day as a result. In addition to this, I take 30mg of vyvanse for ADHD and Junel FE ...

I have two questions. First is how long after I use flonase can I blow my nose? Lol Second question?

Posted 25 Sep 2016 by JulesY 1 answer

... is can flonase help with severe post nasal drip? Thank you in advance for responding

What is causing reoccuring sore throat and fatigue?

Posted 27 Sep 2016 by judev1136 0 answers

I have been having reoccuring sore throats, post nasal drip and fatigue for the past 2 months. I have been to the doctor 3 different times, and so far took 10 zithromax, 2 steroid shots and about 15 cefdinir but my symptoms are still coming back. I have tested negative for mono and strep and a ...

Best treatment for Post Nasal Drip?

Posted 29 May 2016 by Sarvane 0 answers

Hi all... I know this is a horrible subject but Im constantly spitting out mucous. It's from the back of my nose and not being coughed up from the lungs. I previously had a Septoplasty and also had polyps removed. As I'm asthmatic and take blood pressure tablets I'm wondering what ...

My 9 yr old daughter is sick. Is sulfameth trimethprim safe to give? Dosage?

Posted 11 Aug 2016 by Crimdis 1 answer

She has a cold, runny nose and a bad cough and it has now developed into bronchitis. She has exercise induced asthma. Her weight is 85#. My goodness... I read he side effects and I am thinking it's poison!

Presidone tablets for sinus, good or bad?

Posted 28 Jul 2016 by hbs 0 answers

I was diagnosed as having sinus by my doctor yesterday, symptoms being the usual runny nose, lots of mucus, inflamed throat with itchiness and sore, coughing due to itchy / dry throat for over a week now, trying to treat myself with Sinumax etc before I went to see the Dr. I was prescribed ...

Diarrhea, Sneezing, Runny Nose with Melatonin?

Posted 27 Apr 2016 by SLMRDC 1 answer

I was taking 1 mg of Melatonin for about 3 months for sleep after my Bro died & it worked so well for sleep. Suddenly I started having acute diarrhea. I couldn't even go out. Tried Immodium, a special diet... you name it, I tried it. I didn't even think of Melatonin as the culprit as ...

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