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Reiter's Syndrome Questions

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Is anyone prescribed Humira for Reactive arthritis? (NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH RHEUMATOID)?

Posted 19 Oct 2017 by 1tiggydog 1 answer

I am a 37 year old man. I was diagnosed with reactive arthritis in 2010. I have never spoken to another person with reactive arthritis. I have just been prescribed Humira 3 months ago and I think I'm experiencing some side effects.

I am taking 1 dose of methotrexate 10mg's weekly, + 1 dose Folic acid again weekly. This is for?

Posted 19 Mar 2017 by spambrain 0 answers

... 'reactive arthritis' - over active defense system. Been on it for years. I have replacement hip surgery coming up in the very near future, should I stop these drugs for the duration of the hospital trip ? Mick

Reiter's Syndrome - Is a constant burning in the penile shaft one of the symtoms?

Posted 15 Dec 2011 by fireball123 2 answers

I have been to a doctor and have been diagnosed with reactive arthritis due to a sexual encounter. I have taken the antibiotics and used the topical creams but I am left with the constant burning through the inside of my penis. Please , if there is any way to get rid of the burning sensation I ...

Reiter's Syndrome - what can you suggest to reduce the pain?

Posted 18 Jul 2010 by cubbiegirl 4 answers

My husband was diagnosed with Reiter's several years ago. He has gone through the gambet of medications. He is currently on prednisone. If he goes below 10mg he has a flare up. This last flare up has lasted over a week w/no relief. Is there anything he can do to reduce the pain?

My son 19 yr. old son was diagnosed with reactive arthritis two months ago. He is on 3000 mg. of?

Posted 21 Jun 2010 by a mom 2 answers

... sulfasalazine daily (starting with 1,000 and gradually increasing). His doctor said he should take this amount for 1 year. He is having some adverse effects as in insomnia, sore throat, but worse of all depression and irritabililty. Here is my question. His doctor said that it takes up to 3 ...

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