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Questran - Just started using Questran 2 days ago. It was also recomended I try soluble fiber...

Posted 27 Nov 2017 by Tammyg726 0 answers

... twice a day, now after I take the QuestranI get really gassy. Is this common? Does this go away? I was diagnosed with IBS-D a few years ago but had me gall bladder out 20 years ago, that’s when all these symptoms started,now the cramps and bathroom runs are a lot more frequent so I was ...

Questran - Can you become immune to this medicine?

Posted 3 Jun 2016 by 2501king 0 answers

I used it for the itching, but now it doesn't stop the itching

Cholestyramine - does the itching in the anus and rectum ever go away with continued treatment?

Posted 23 Dec 2015 by JennisGuts 1 answer

I get bloating and gas pain and a very itchy anus and rectum from Questran. Will it go away with continued use?

What is the difference between light and regular questran?

Posted 5 Sep 2010 by tennis lady 2 answers

My firend who takes Questran cannot stand the sweetness of this product. Is there an alternative? An unflavored version?

Cholestyramine - can you drink wine at nite before dinner when taking cholestipramine?

Posted 16 Nov 2015 by shy one 0 answers

2 glasses of wine at nite... wil this interfere with questran?

Do I need a prescription to buy Questran?

Posted 21 Oct 2014 by gallbladdergone 1 answer

Cholestyramine - Has anyone been switched to Carafate due to the severe constipation issues?

Posted 9 Mar 2013 by SandraLHoutz 1 answer

I started taking my Questran 1/2 packet at lunch time instead of dividing it in threes as I was doing, this was after my doctor's appt. on Wednesday this week, well I got two days of it in and then today no bowel movement again and I was miserable and it took quite a bit of laxatives to get me ...

Do I need a perscription to get questran or can I buy it over the counter?

Posted 26 Apr 2010 by tee1 2 answers

my brother is visiting from Ireland and is perscribed questran for his stomach. he has forgotten his supply and gets quite sick if he doesnt take it. will i have to take him to my GP or can we buy it over the counter?

Questran - I took Zetia for cholesterol and had terrible side effects, will questran be the same?

Posted 20 Feb 2012 by Elyn 2 answers

A lot of pain in the muscles, unable to walk, get up and down as I used to. The side effects took a long time to go away. Has this product caused the same side effects? Elyn

How much time, before & after taking Questran, can I take my regular meds so they won't be absorbed?

Posted 15 Sep 2011 by Critch57 1 answer

This medication, Questran, absorbs everything in it's path. I take it for diarrhea not for cholesteral. If I remember correctly, I can take reg meds 1 hr before Questran and 4 hrs. later. The pharmacist didn't include these instructions with this refill. Any help would be appreciated.

Is there Prevalite or Questran that does not contain Aspertame?

Posted 25 Nov 2009 by zoey2 2 answers

I have been prescribed powdered Prevalite following effects of gall bladder surgery. I do not want to take Aspertame and wonder if there is a brand of Cholestyramine that does not contain Aspertame.

My mother in Ireland needs Questran (powder sachets) and right now it is scarce albeit impossible to

Posted 1 Nov 2010 by Eavanne 1 answer

... find there. Can I get it for her on this site?

Why can I not get colestipol is this product not being manufactured anymore?

Posted 9 Jun 2010 by jenpen123 1 answer

i was on questran but that is also unavaliable so they gave me a perscription for colestipol now this is unavaliable does anyone know why

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