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Acne getting worse with Yaz? Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

Posted 24 Mar 2018 by alehrman 0 answers

I’m a 28 yr old female that has battled with moderate hormonal acne ever since I hit puberty. I’ve considered taking accutane but really want to keep that as a last resort. I’m currently taking Yaz and spironolactone. It’s been about 3 weeks since I started Yaz. And my acne ...

Naltrexone - Anyone with information on LDN for autoimmune hemolytic anemia and pancreatitis ?

Posted 29 Mar 2017 by Suzanne-9 0 answers

am 63 years old and have had lyme symptoms since around puberty which had morphed into lupus a decade or more ago but have finally been DX'd. If anyone with info into this would respond,I would greatly appreciate the knowledge. Thank you in advance,

Is breast growth and blue veins normal at 18?

Posted 27 Nov 2016 by Curious1543 1 answer

Over the past month ive had slight breast tenderness which I thought was a side effect of my Nexplanon implant which ive had for over a year now. But I've noticed my breasts have grown since, not massively but still enough to notice. Now the pain has gone and I have 3 blue veins on my left ...

Should I try taking accutane or go back to doxycycline?

Posted 22 Jan 2014 by decisions 1 answer

I am 20 years old and have been battling with acne since puberty. Luckily in HS I was prescribed Bactrum which kept my skin clear for most of my teens. After graduating and going to college the drug stopped working for me and had bad acne first semester of college. I was then prescribed doxycycline ...

Should I start this medication for my daughter who has early puberty or just do nothing?

Posted 25 Feb 2011 by dcavin 7 answers

I am very torn in this decision and need help my daughter has been diagnosed with precocious puberty (early puberty) she has been showing signs for awhile now and now that she is 7 and has major breast growth her doctor sent us to a endocrinologist. They said this is one treatment and the other ...

Is a lot of sweating normal during puberty?

Posted 9 Mar 2016 by bowow 1 answer

My daughter has a problem about sweating, I'm letting her type: I sweat a lot everyday. I'm basically always sweating, no exaggeration there. Its gotten me a bit depressed (people saying that it stank and smelt like sh#t did not help) and I feel awkward every minute since my pits are ...

Accutane - What are the most common side effects in men?

Posted 5 Oct 2013 by llcmal 2 answers

My son is 18 and was prescribed accutane today. He has tried countless antibiotics, precription acne cream and every over the counter thing you can imagine. None have worked. He started puberty early at 9 years old. He began having severe acne on his back & chest beginning at 10 years old. I ...

Precocious Puberty question - HELP?

Posted 30 Jul 2015 by vanitynglory 1 answer

My daughter is 8-1/2 yrs old. She just started developing breast buds. Bone density test showed a bone age of 11. Other advanced tests done by the pediatric endocrinologist showed onset of puberty. Pediatric endocrinologist said if nothing was done she would be about 5ft 2inches tall and if Lupron ...

I've been on Nuvaring for over 2 years now and my husband and I are going to start trying to get?

Posted 7 Sep 2015 by aec531 1 answer

... pregnant. Every time i get off any birth control I break out like i'm going through puberty. So, to avoid that can I take the nuvaring out when i'm ovulating and hope to get pregnant or does it not work that way?

Axiron - Haven't went through puberty yet & need some answers?

Posted 9 May 2015 by Jay2194 1 answer

Has anyone used Axiron for helping you go through puberty? If so how long did it take? I have Crohn's disease & it delayed puberty for me so, now I'm on Axiron to help me go through puberty. I've gotten more pubic hair, some hair on my stomach & face but my manhood ...

Life after Humatrope?

Posted 27 Jan 2015 by Rheanna4 3 answers

Hi my son is 4'11 and he is 14 years old. He has not hit puberty. We just found out that he has growth hormone deficiency. He is supposed to start Humatrope Saturday. I want to know if it will cause him problems as an adult like having kids of his own on day etc. we would also like to low how ...

Is it ok for a 12 year old to take 25 mg of Niacin?

Posted 24 Jan 2014 by karenpittman 1 answer

I read that niacin, if taken on an empty stomach, will help a person with height issues. I also read that nothing after puberty will help with height issues b/c the person growth plate has sealed. Therefore, I assume from these two bits of information, that a CHILD would have to take it in order ...

How does abilify compare to respidone?

Posted 7 Jan 2014 by siko1028 1 answer

Mt 12 year old is currently on 2 mg respidone( he's been on it aprox.5 years for autism outbursts).He is reaching puberty and his psyc suggested maybe switching him to abilify. Does it have more of a risk of developing diabetis? what about the weight gain... can I expect him to put on even ...

Had monthly shot "lupron" because I started puberty early, could this have reduced my penis size

Posted 21 Oct 2012 by ag21 1 answer

Now, did that medicine leave a permenant effect on the size of my penis? I am a 16 year old male and have noticed my penis is smaller than most guys my age

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