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Pubertal Gynecomastia News

Excess Weight Has 'Unexpected' Effect on Puberty Onset in Boys

Posted 27 Jan 2016 by

WEDNESDAY, Jan. 27, 2016 – Excess weight can delay or speed up puberty in young boys, depending on how many extra pounds they carry, a new study suggests. Overweight boys tend to enter and finish puberty somewhat earlier than usual, researchers found in a study of nearly 3,900 males aged 6 to 16. But boys who have become obese appear to go through puberty slower than boys who weigh less, ...

Bodily Changes Don't Always Signal 'Precocious' Puberty in Kids

Posted 14 Dec 2015 by

MONDAY, Dec. 14, 2015 – Children who develop certain signs of puberty at an early age are commonly referred to specialists for an evaluation. But most of the time it's nothing to worry about, says a new report from a leading group of U.S. pediatricians. It's not uncommon for young children to show certain traits associated with puberty, including some pubic hair, underarm hair and the beginnings ...

Teen Boys With Enlarged Breasts Show Emotional Effects

Posted 5 Apr 2013 by

FRIDAY, April 5 – Teen boys with a condition that causes them to have enlarged breasts suffer reduced self-esteem and other mental and emotional health problems, according to a new study. Researchers conducted a series of psychological tests on 47 boys, with an average age of 16, who were undergoing evaluation for the condition, called gynecomastia. The same tests were given to a control group ...

Breast Growth in Boys Might Be Linked to Plastics Chemical

Posted 15 Dec 2009 by

TUESDAY, Dec. 15 – Common chemicals found in plastic toys and elsewhere could contribute to the abnormal growth of breasts in boys, preliminary research suggests. The research, published in a prominent medical journal for pediatricians, adds fuel to the debate over these chemicals, called phthalates, whose safety has been questioned by some scientists. The chemical industry claims the ubiquitous ...

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