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Prostatitis Questions (Page 2)

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Can getting off Zoloft cause increases in B12, causing skin rashes?

My CP daughter is on Zoloft and Prozac and we're trying to get her off both. Her Dr. started taking her off Zoloft in one months time and she has become unstable and developed a severe skin ...

Posted 20 May 2013 1 answer

Whenever I pass semen or when am sexually aroused for an extended period of time, I experience pain?

I was diagnosed for chronic prostatitis 9 months ago. A five day prescribtion of ciprofloxacin and doxycycline was given to me, and I responded to the treatment. Less than a week after the treatment, ...

Posted 27 May 2013 1 answer

What are the symptoms of prostatitis?

what's the symptoms of prostatitis? are those symptoms inculding fever, chills, urgent urinaiton, frequent urinaiton, painful urinaition mean my BF has prostatitis? if this isn't ...

Posted 8 Jul 2013 1 answer

Cerebral Palsy - The ageing process with CP?

I have quad Athetoid CP but more involved in my left side and I'm in my mid 50's.. I was a very active young man but soon after my 35th birthday, pain and lessening mobility started to ...

Posted 14 Apr 2013 1 answer

Can I take Fluconazole and Levofloxacin together?

my doctor urologist prescribed me Levofloxacin for prostatatitis and determotalogist fluconazole for yeast infection... can i take them both together ? what are the chances that it will work?

Posted 10 Feb 2012 2 answers

Cipro ruined my life.. I need help?

... issue. In August of 2004 my urologist diagnosed me with Prostatitis and I was placed on the Bayer medical product, Ciprofloxin, 500mg 2 times a day for 60 days. Before taking this medication I ...

Posted 6 Jan 2011 7 answers

Ciprofloxacin - I have chronic prostatitis and treat it with Cipro 550mg x2 daily. I always develop?

... a rash & puffiness at specific place on the penis. It goes away after the treatment is complete. Should I stop using it when the rash first appears?

Posted 22 Dec 2012 1 answer

Someone please answer fast Im having to deal with cps they took me for a drug test just now?

i told them i had pot and a calotipin in my system b4 i went well they didnt have enough pee to do the complete test so i have to go back 2morrow mornin i took come tylonol 3s and a 4 last week im ...

Posted 5 Apr 2011 1 answer

Bactrim DS - Take three pills for blood pressure took BactrimDS 2 daily for ten days blood in urine?

Had blood in urine 2 days after ending the 10 days of bactrim. The blood was only apparent for one day.

Posted 7 May 2012 1 answer

Urinary Tract Infection - What are the side effects levofloxacin and denvar 400?

I would like to know what are the side effects of taking levofloxacin 500 twice a day and also same question for denvar 400 once a day. Which medicine has better results

Posted 16 Feb 2012 1 answer

Help Please. My 9 YO son was on Keppra and he is not himself?

My son has CP and he was on depolept for awhile, but we switched him to Keppra since he was still having consistent seizures. Even on the Keppra he still was having seizures. As I'm writing this ...

Posted 6 Mar 2012 2 answers

Macrodantin Side effects?

Posted 28 Feb 2012 1 answer

What has been your experience with chiropractors ?

I have scoliosis with a 42 degree curve and nerve impingement, no neck curve and degenerative disc disease among a few other things including crohns and chronic pelvic pain, what if anything has a ...

Posted 25 Oct 2011 4 answers

Need FMS,CPS,CFS answers Please! can't get right meds?

Just a short bio, I am a 37 year old Mother of a almost 18 year old son (this month)  and a almost 15 year old freshman in High school. I am 4’11, weight depends? Around average 105-110. W ...

Posted 2 Oct 2011 1 answer

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