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Prevpac Questions

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Prevpac - What can I take for a headache when taking the H pylori triple therapy?

Posted 24 Aug 2017 by hrw 1 answer

I'm on day 10 of amoxicillin, clarithromycin, pantoprazole and probiotic and I'm having my third absolutely horrible headache. What headache medication can I take while on this treatment for h pylori?

Helicobacter Pylori Infection - My stomache hurts after antibiotic treatment have your doctors?

Posted 3 Sep 2014 by archie bird 1 answer

... recommended anything for this? This is my second treatment first with prevpac and most recently with pylera. Three weeks after treatment I noticed acid again and my stomache seemed weak. After seeing my doctor again he wants me to now take omeprazole 2 a day for 3 weeks and 1 a day for 2 ...

Can I drink a beer while taking Prevpac?

Posted 3 Aug 2010 by jisbell 2 answers

Does anyone had problem with hi-pilory bactiria and esophageal acid reflux.gastritis? Help.?

Posted 6 Aug 2009 by inipong 1 answer

I had this smelly odor coming from my nose and sweat, went to doc. told me I had a bacteria in my stomach, was put on prevpac tripple treatment, it's been 8 months and I'm still stink, I tried everything else, pine oil. beano, activated charcoal nothing help with the gas problem still ...

Can you consume alcohol while taking Prevpac?

Posted 28 Apr 2010 by glen42 1 answer

Ive been reading all the horror stories on the prevpac?

Posted 4 Sep 2013 by nelsontk 2 answers

I am 5 days in on the prevpac today My stamina went down today and I am so tired and my chest hurts and is tight and some pressure. I took a tylox hoping it would help. Only helped a little. Will these feelings go away soon?

Can I take pepto with this pac?

Posted 2 Apr 2011 by doc8977 1 answer

Prevpac during first 3-4 weeks of pregnancy, is it ok?

Posted 7 Nov 2011 by Supermom31 1 answer

I was treated for Hpylori and was prescribed prevpac which has amoxcilin and clarithromycin .Is it ok for the fetus? My pregnancy was not detected when I started using these medications.Thank you

What, exactly, is the name of the infection that PrevPak is prescribed for?

Posted 25 Feb 2010 by ItsDumas 1 answer

My husband has had stomach pain for several years. Doctors prescribed ulcer meds, but they never worked... They only eased the pain. Family doc. finally sent him to a speciallist who did an ultra-sound, colonoscopy (up from the bottom), EGD? (down from the top) and took biopsy of stomach fluids. ...

Gastritis in the stomach and acid reflux?

Posted 4 Jul 2010 by inipong 1 answer

Is anyone experiencing inflamation of gas in the stomach, nothing seems to help,,took prevpac to no avail, I woud appreciate any suggestion?

Side Effect - Prevpac can you be in the sun while taking this medication ??

Posted 12 Jul 2013 by Madison h 1 answer

The reason I'm asking is I'm thinking of going to the lake and of course have a lot of sun exposer

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