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Prevention of Thromboembolism in Atrial Fibrillation Questions

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Xarelto vs Eliquis: How do they compare?

Switching from Eliquis to Xarelto: What do I need to know?

Why switch from Eliquis to Xarelto? How do I switch from Eliquis to Xarelto?

Has anyone experienced a PE while on Xarelto?

I have been on Xarelto since switching from Cumadin a month ago and about a week ago I had sharp pains in my chest then three days ago I had an irregular fast heartbeat on the lower right side of my heart for about 30 minutes. Once that was over I had wheezing in my chest for the next 12 hrs with... read more

Eliquis and Xarelto, feeling super tired and dizzy. How long until side effects are totally gone?

Hello, due to a pulmonary embolism 2 years ago I was on Xarelto and now changed about 1 week ago to Eliquis. First half year I had basically no side effects. All was fine. But then it started with dizziness, vertigo, tiredness and in general feeling anxious and depressed. Therefore I changed to... read more

Can I cut my 5mg Eliquis in half. Take half in morning half at night?

6 weeks in with Eliquis.5mg twice a day. Too many side effects.Turned into depression and fear. Confused. Help

Hi, Is Atenolol used for High Blood Pressure and Atrial Fibrillation?? I have been on Atenolol?

... various doses for 8 years, now I developed AFIB, my Dr says just keep on Atenolol... We add aspirin to thin the blood a little instead of a strong Blood thinner (which I do not want to start). Anyone else on this regimine? Thanks, Moonbeam

Will any of my medications cause ringing in the ears?

Medications are: levothyroxine, spironolactone, torsemide, Eliquis, propaphenone, buspirone.

Which antibiotics are ok to take with Xarelto? thanks?

My father is taking Xarelto 10 mb as a blood thinner for the afib. He had a hemorrhagic stroke and the doctors were concerned due to his age to restart a blood thinner like warfarin. This was a compromise. He needs an antiobiotic for a possible infection.

Can Eliquis be cut in half?

Can eliquis 5 mg be cut in half. I have 2 bottles of 5mg and my dr changed me to 2.5 since it so costly I’d like to know the answer.

Any correlation between Eliquis and blood pressure?

I am 76, an Afib patient on Eliquis (5 mg twice daily) and carvedilol (3.125 mg twice daily). I have found a seemingly unusual pattern of my blood pressure readings recently. Learning relevant info will be helpful.

Warfarin - Explain PT/INR scale?

What anti inflammatory medicines are compatible with warfarin?

I am taking warfarin and have been stopped from taking diclofenac sodium causing a lot of pain to return to my joints

Apixaban and food restrictions I should know about?

Can I eat asparagus while on Eliquis?

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