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Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder Questions

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How long does Zoloft (sertraline) take to work?

How long for an increased dose of Zoloft to work?

Lexapro vs Zoloft: How do they compare?

Prozac vs Zoloft - What are the Differences & Similarities?

Could anyone tell me about their experience with Zoloft?

How long does it takes to start feeling the benefits of taking this medicine? Thank you very much!

Prozac and Insomnia?

Hi, favour to ask: detailed answers requested! :-). Anyone whose had experience with Prozac and the side effect of insomnia? Would like to know: a/ Was insomnia an initial side effect that went away with time? b/ how long did it take for the insomnia to subside? c/ was the sleeplessness something... read more

How do you know Zoloft is starting to work?

Was wondering if anyone could share with me what they noticed when zoloft started working for them? Was it small tiny improvements at first or was it a significant difference one day?

Zoloft 12.5mg will a low dose do anything?

Hi. I’m now trying my 3rd antidepressant, Zoloft but only 12.5mg. Has anyone else taken this low of a dose & if so did it help depression? I’m very sensitive to all meds. Any advice would be appreciated!

I have to wean myself off lamictal (anti-seizure and mood stabilizer). I take it w/ zoloft. pls help

I take zoloft and lamictal to treat depression and anxiety. I've lost my job and health insurance and subsequently can't afford the cost of lamitcal per month. I am staying on the zoloft. My Dr. advised me to cut the mg in half over the next 2 weeks but warned of the small chance I could... read more

Anyone experienced any negative side effects while on Vyvanse & other meds like lexapro or prestiq?

Over 2 years ago, I had a brain scan ( a somewhat cutting edge technology) that determined that I had ADHD, anxiety and depression. According to this test the drugs that were suggested to best treat my symptoms were Vyvanse, lexapro, neurontin and clonazapam. I NEVER considered myself, nor did... read more

Strange Side Effects of Zoloft?

Hi everyone, I was prescribed 75 mg of Zoloft 5 weeks ago for postpartum depression. Im having very strange symptoms since beginning this medicine and hope to find out what they are caused by.My doctor says these are normal side effects of Zoloft but i am still concerned.Since i began zoloft i have... read more

What can I expect the first month of taking Zoloft 50 mg?

What can I expect the first month of taking Zoloft 50 mg?

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder - I am taking 150 mg of Wellbutrin XL for mild depression, anxiety?

... disorder and I suffer from severe PMS, I feel like I am only PMS free for about 1 week out my cycle. I am 35 years old and will not BCP or horomone replacement therapy, I am hoping the Wellbutrin will help with this. It gets so bad I feel like i turn into a completely different person. Just... read more

How long for Prozac to start working? Went from 20 to 60?? It's been 4weeks?

I was wondering how long does or will it take for Prozac (flouoxatine) to take full effect? I was on it for 10years (very long story short) went down to 20 and now up to 60.. I feel a little better but when should the full effect take place,or has it already?? Thank you

Problems ejaculating - CITALOPRAM?

Urgent - Good evening people, I am writing this tonight to seek an answer to ( in the eyes of anybody whos in love) eyes. I am a 20 years old male and due to certain factors in my life story, my doctor has prescribed me with Citalopram 20mg, i started off (as suggested with half a tablet 10mg for... read more

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