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Potato Questions

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Drug Details such as Gluten Free?

Posted 31 Jul 2017 by jammyster 0 answers

Is there a way to determine whether a drug is gluten-free, has corn starch, or potato starch as one of its ingredients? Is there way to determine whether a drug is soy-free, lactose-free, or have ingredients derived from corn? Is it true that not all companies that make a drug uses the same ...

I ate small piece of bad tasting potato?

Posted 9 May 2017 by jayjay01 1 answer

Yesterday, I ate boiled potatoes, they sat for a day peeled in cold water, but we refreshed the water, I tasted a small piece of them, and they tasted off, can't explain it, but it was not the typical potato taste, I swallowed a piece, now I'm scared, I read that salmonella has an ...

Does the bitter taste (common side effect) ever go away? I used Atrovent HFA inhaler only 4 times-?

Posted 10 May 2012 by MCT5 1 answer

... the last being 3 days ago- the bitter taste in my mouth is still with me however! All I can taste normally are potato's- everything else tastes bad! HELP! (I'm a 60 yr old white male if this helps)

I feel like Im dying. After being on 3 8mg subs a day & have lost access to it. Its already so bad?

Posted 2 Nov 2011 by shannonhartfield 2 answers

The vomiting, fever, aches, RLS, and depression are killing me. I want to peel my skin off with a dull potato peeler just to lessen the agony all over my body. Is there anything I can do or take? I just read the Thomas reciepe, no $ right now. My doc and I had a disagreement so he fired me, and the ...

With no insurance,and already 7k in debt. Why can't I take responsability for myself?

Posted 11 Nov 2011 by Mr Speaks 1 answer

I have been passed around like a hot potato, from dr to dr. Having to pay the high 1st visit fee, @ least 4x now, W/ the minimum being 150 dllrs up to 450 dllrs, just to get past the receptionist. I have been turned away because I was 45 dollars short. Ive had to go to the E.R., just to get ...

I am allergic to potatoes and I take prescription pills.. are any made with potato?

Posted 8 Jul 2010 by n.nunes 3 answers

i take Hydroxyzine PAM 50 mg tabs (vistaril) , Nifedipine ER 30 mg, Losartan Potassium 50 mg (cozaar) and O-Cal Prenatal pills. i just recently was told im allergic to potatoes. i need to know if any of these pills have any type of potato in them. im very rattled knowing that i could be taking ...

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