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Has anyone accidentally taken a double dose of Cymbalta? I took 240mg yesterday!?

Posted 28 Feb 2014 by goldensunrises 7 answers

My normal dose is 120mg. That is down from 180mg. I called poison control and they were not concerned. Neither were the paramedics today after my extremely severe panic attack. I thought I was dying! Could these two be related? cymbalta also interacts with my maxalt, Zofran, celebrex, armoire ...

Does coumadin contain rat poison?

Posted 13 Mar 2014 by lolalove88 1 answer

Will nystatin cure poison ivy or oak?

Posted 2 days ago by jordanb89 1 answer

Will nystatin 30 mg ointment cure poison ivy or poison oak

Is cholecalciferol or vitamin d3 used in rat poison and does it cause high cholesterol?

Posted 21 Jul 2018 by concerned health nut 0 answers

I read an article that claimed that the same ingredient used to make vitamin D3 was also used to make rat poison and that it caused high LDL (bad) cholesterol. Is this true or just a drug company shrill trying to get people off of supplements?

I just finished taking methylprednisolone 4mg pkg for 6 days. The next days I have rash or hives all

Posted 4 Jul 2018 by Medical rash 1 answer

... over my chest. Is this normal or should I be concerned? The rash is pink and raised and is itchy. I took the medicine for poison ivy which went away. But one day after stopping the med I have the rash. No other symptoms except for headaches on the last day

Has Victoza poisoned me? I have never felt sicker. How long does this medicine stay in my system?

Posted 17 Apr 2018 by Mikeypj 1 answer

I had taken 7 days at .06, and 1 day at 1.2. I couldn't handle the horrible vomiting and nausea, so I stopped a week ago and I am sicker now. Horrible stomach pain, nausea vomiting. How long does this medicine stay in my system? Please help.

Weaning off Pristiq 100mg. I'm taking a hundred mg one day 50mg of next day and so on.

Posted 26 May 2018 by Amelia17 1 answer

I am on a 100 mg Pristiq for about 4 years I just started weaning off of it as I started getting adverse symptoms. I took a 100mg one day then 50 mg and so on. I want to get off this poison as soon as possible. I'm mainly very nauseous I had diarrhea real bad last night I'm achy I feel ...

Can too many antibiotics poison your body?

Posted 12 May 2018 1 answer

I have been on antibiotics for almost 9 months with breaks in between. I had to cases of bronchitis in a row in which case I got a Z-Pack for both the next month I got a sinus infection then I had one two weeks later and each month after that until now. The thing of it is I don't even think I ...

Mycolog II - Is this good for poison ivy?

Posted 5 May 2018 by grannygrunt2 0 answers

Prednisone makes me feel tired and fatigued?

Posted 4 Sep 2016 by bretbierle 2 answers

I was prescribed Prednisone 30mg for three days 20MG for three days and 10mg for another 3 for poison ivy. I'm on my third day and I can't function. I have no desire to even get out of bed. Work has been so hard. Should I be concerned?

Severe poison ivy when can I find relief?

Posted 3 Dec 2017 by Kheron123 0 answers

I have severe poison ivy started 9 days ago last Sat when exposed. Had a shot on Monday and Friday Took 4mg methylprednisolone pak on Wed. Called dr. Today sun 9 days later and now taking 20mg prednisone 1 tablet daily. When can i start having this go away. I am in agony

Should 40mg dosage be tapered after 5 days of use?

Posted 11 Jun 2017 by LLCraig 1 answer

I have hypothyroidism, am pre diabetic, and have osteopenia. I recently was given 20mg pills of prednisone, 2 pills daily (40mg)for contact dermatitis, possibly poison oak. My dosage of prednisone is for 5 days no tapering. My rash continues to spread though only one large blister is oozing on my ...

If my husband tried to poison me a year ago would it show up in my hair today?

Posted 8 Oct 2017 by ineedyoutohelpme 1 answer

I have all the symptoms of being poisoned. If my husband tried to poison me a year ago would it show up today in my hair

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