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Platelet Aggregation Inhibition Questions

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How does Plavix allow an endothelial layer to cover the stent while preventing other cell types to?

Posted 16 Oct 2017 by WHY and how 0 answers

How does Plavix allow an endothelial layer to cover the stent while preventing other cell types from covering the stent and causing an embolism?

Is it safer to swap to aspirin from clopidogrel?

Posted 10 Apr 2017 by palfrr1 1 answer

Was put on clopidogrel 22 months ago following ? TIA which I now believe was actually a panic attack due to thyrotoxicosis. Drs seem reluctant for me to stop clopidogrel. I've read I formation regarding 'rebound effect' and wondered if there's a high chance of this happening? ...

What is the target for both Aspirin and plavix in order to avoid hemorrhage in the future?

Posted 4 Aug 2014 by spearhead 1 answer

Hello, I had a TIA a year ago and nowadays I'm on medication. Now what is the target that should be maintained whenever I have a CBC done for me in order to avoid brain hemorrhage in the future? Is an (INR) blood test helpful in determining the levels of how thin my blood should be?

Platelet Aggregation Inhibition - How long does one have to stay on Plavix?

Posted 27 Jun 2013 by ritajoy33 1 answer

I had a procedure on my left leg and had 3 stents put in. I was put on Plavix and since then I have been bruising more easily and my ankles are always cold. Is this from the Plavix? Should I not be taking it any more?

If I am no longer bruising, does this mean Effient is no longer working?

Posted 20 Jun 2012 by witch.faerie 1 answer

I know this sounds strange, but I had a heart attack because of clot last year because my doctor told me I was immune to Plavix, so switched to Effient 7 months ago, and have had easy bruising since except in the last month. There has been no bruising. I hit myself pretty hard twice while working, ...

How do I stop Plavix?

Posted 26 Jan 2012 by tony969 3 answers

I have been taking Plavix for 2 years after MI back in 2009/100% occlusion of the left ventrical artery/.. The cardiologist thinks it is safe to stop it now. I have 2 bare metal stents and one DES/Xience V/ inside those two in the same artery. Have read a lot about the so called rebound effect of ...

Is it possible to switch from Plavix to Effient ?? how it can be done? please advise?

Posted 20 Oct 2011 by Dr.Mohammed Ihsan 1 answer

Is it possible? or the patient should continua on it's medication ?

Where can you purchase Clopidogrel in the USA? If can't why not?

Posted 23 Feb 2012 by J10v8 2 answers

Plavix patent expired November 2011.

Beta blocker either increase or decrease efficacy & safety of prasugrel in ACS patients with PCI?

Posted 9 May 2012 by monikamodi2012 1 answer

safety point is chances of bleeding. & efficacy point is platelet aggregation inhibition in patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome after Percutaneous Coronary Intervention.

Is there a problem taking plavix & protonix?

Posted 23 Mar 2012 by martydaa2 1 answer

Can plavix exacerbate breathing problems?

Posted 28 Jun 2011 by martste123 1 answer

Commercial name of clopidogrel in greece?

Posted 28 Sep 2011 by George999 1 answer

Platelet Aggregation Inhibition - what is the reason of low count platelet and what prevention and?

Posted 17 Jul 2010 by johncrasto29 1 answer

... cure are accessible for a 10 yr ols girl

Platelet Aggregation Inhibition - is there a drug equivalent that is covered by Medicare?

Posted 19 Nov 2009 by Naen2 1 answer

my husband's cardiologist wants hinm to remain on plavix, while the VA doesn't have it in their formulary and wants to put him on another med. What is your advice? He had a heart attack 9 1/2 yr., ago, stent implanted.

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