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Plan B One-Step - So this isn't an emergency as much as it is just wanting other people opinions?

Posted 2 Dec 2016 by lovejdang 1 answer

So my girlfriend and I live in different states. We see each other maybe 2 times a month if we're lucky but our love is too strong to let distance separate us. So when we do see each other, we have sex. A lot. As of recently, she mentioned what it would be like for me to finish inside of her. ...

Plan B One-Step - I took the pill & since then I've gotten brown spots on my breasts is this normal?

Posted 29 Nov 2016 by Lizette98 1 answer

Ive gotten brown spots between and under my breasts and its sorta itchy and burns sometimes if I touch it. Is this normal???

Plan B One-Step - I threw up about 30 minutes after taking plan b will it still work?

Posted 11 Nov 2016 by dizzy22 1 answer

Ok so i had sex without a condom & i took plan b the next day AFTER i had sex again without a condom now both times he said that he didnt know if he came or not maybe just a little but im not sure but after a half hour a threw it up is it still gonna work?

Plan B one step... safe?

Posted 23 Nov 2016 by NaomiAB 1 answer

I have a question. If I had my regular period October 15-20 and had sex the 31st and took Plan B one step around 7-8 hours later, what are my chances? About a week after taking Plan B one step I started having what looked like spotting by then turned into regular bleeding for about 4-5 days. ...

Plan B One-Step - will this actually work for me??

Posted 17 Nov 2016 by lol pls help 1 answer

so i got off my period on November 8th. my boyfriend & i had sex on November 13th. we used a condom but about 10 minutes in the condom popped. he automatically started freaking out, i did as well but i was trying to calm him down. my calendar says i don't ovulate until today (november ...

Plan B One-Step - Nausea when I should have my period except it's spotting?

Posted 16 Nov 2016 by Alaura101 1 answer

Two to three weeks after during pms I experienced mood swings and now my emotions are still intense and I'm experiencing nausea during my period and I'm spotting. After taking plan b I continued taking my birth control just as I should've, but I missed the last two days. Should I be ...

My boyfriend said The condom broke its been 2 weeks after I took Plan B one step am I pregnant?

Posted 6 Nov 2016 by Peachesx1 1 answer

I haven't had any symptoms and I've been perfectly fine. We had sex October 22 and Its now November 5th. I'm really worried

I'm spotting about a day or so before my estimated ovulation day after taking a contraceptive pill?

Posted 15 Nov 2016 by Kyosu 1 answer

I had taken plan b one step about 5 day ago (Nov. 9) around 10 am. This morning around the same time (Nov. 14) I felt a sharp cramping pain and saw a bit of spotting. It was light at first but then it got slightly heavier, filling a whole panty liner and looking dark brown with a small hint of red, ...

Plan B One-Step - So I had sex with no condom and just lube, and not the sperm friendly kind like?

Posted 11 Nov 2016 by Kyosu 1 answer

... pre seed. Did this 3 days (Nov. 8), around 8 pm, after I got off of my period and 5 days before my estimated ovulation day (Nov. 14). I had freaked out and took Plan B One Step the next morning (Nov. 9) around 10 am. I'm nervous out of my mind as I read mixed reviews on this pill. I'm ...

Plan B One-Step - Did my Plan B fail? Or is this normal?

Posted 29 Oct 2016 1 answer

I had sex on October 6th, which is according to the calendar one of the days that I could have ovulated. We didn't use protection and he did ejaculate in me. I took plan b about 7 hours after the incident. Started to have mild cramping and ended up on October 11 having some light bleeding that ...

Plan B One-Step - Hi I took the Plan B pill 3 days after I was attacked and 9 days later I started a

Posted 4 Nov 2016 by Missmariee 1 answer

... light period which lasted a few hours today. Obviously I'm freaking out, the only side effect I had after the Plan B pill was sleeping for a couple days and this, I also just got off my period that day I went out

Plan B One-Step - Help I'm still scared. I don't Kno what's happening to me?

Posted 8 Oct 2016 by Libra5101 1 answer

So me and my boyfriend had sex like around 11am but the condom broke in me. And the next morning at 9am I took not 1 but 2 plan b pills because I was so scared I was thinking that if I take a second pill it will work even better. Yeah the next week I started bleeding and all but on and off for a ...

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