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Pill Id Questions (Page 809)

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What is this pill - with 'DO' imprint?

Posted 26 Aug 2009 by Nikol0010 1 answer

I found a small white round pill in my purse, and I don't know how it got there. It is a small white/beige pill with "DO" inside a sixsided shape. Anyone know what the name of this pill is, and what it is used for?

What is this pill - with 'ap100' imprint?

Posted 4 Oct 2009 by bryjsr36 1 answer

What is this pill - with 'no imprint' imprint?

Posted 28 Sep 2009 by shmiggy 1 answer

its small and round blue with a line through one side and nothing on the other

Can someone help me identify this pill?

Posted 22 Sep 2009 by imjlotherealone 1 answer

It is pink and round, with the letters HC underlined on one side, and the number 3 below it. On the other side, it is blank, save for a score going straight down the middle. It is not glazed or reflective, it is a little crumbly, and the color is somewhat mottled.

What is this pill - with 'y/y' imprint?

Posted 18 Sep 2009 by Pe Pe 1 answer

Solid white capsule shape pill with Y/Y imprinted on front, nothing on back. Can be split at denoted line on front. I think it is generic for Zyrtec (or an antihystimine) but can not remember. Got it on vacation in Asia at US clinic when allergies started acting up.

What is this pill - with '5' imprint?

Posted 23 Oct 2009 by star430 1 answer

interstate route symbol like, 5, eg: Route 66 sign, green round, thicker than common round pills

What is this pill - with 's L' imprint?

Posted 13 Oct 2009 by rotsap 2 answers

the color is light blue. it is a pill shaped like a capsule

What is this pill - with 'PAR' imprint?

Posted 29 Jul 2009 by alfredom 1 answer

This pill has a 242 imprint on its reverse side. It is a caplet type of a pinkish color. Can somebody identify this for me please. Thanks

What is this pill - White Round with '44 438' imprint?

Posted 2 Jun 2009 by hkharman 1 answer

Round with "domed " surface. About the size of a standard aspirin.

What is this pill - with 'watson 306' imprint?

Posted 20 Aug 2009 by dagreekk 1 answer

this pill is small round blue and has imprint watson 306... what is this??

What is this capsule - with 'p 250' imprint?

Posted 23 Sep 2009 by kat777 1 answer

yellow and blue , dark blue P on light yellow part and 250 on light blue part

What is this pill - with '' imprint? 93/12?

Posted 30 Jul 2009 by liljg 1 answer

it's yellow w/black numbers looks like a football..

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