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Pill Id Questions (Page 766)

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What do cyclobenzaprine pills look like?

Posted 25 Aug 2009 by julie822 1 answer

5 sided, orange in color, PATC/5 on one side onlt

What pill is called mp.424 and its white?

Posted 15 Aug 2009 by tyreba 2 answers

Oval shape pill its white wit mp 424

What is this pill - with "5V green round"?

Posted 19 Oct 2009 by gman4 1 answer

The V is from the bottom of the pill to the top. Its almost turquise and flat the 5 is in the middle of the big V. On the other side is just a straight line through it.

Brazil diet pill?

Posted 27 Jan 2010 by elizanathi 1 answer

Does anyone have a contact for the green and white capsules from brazil? I just had 3 kids consecutively so I put on a lot of weight. Please help me get a contact.

What is this pill? It's a darker blue with the imprint ( 1 ) on one side & nothing on the other.?

Posted 25 Feb 2010 by mzdetailing 1 answer

... It's around 1/2 cm wide & it's round in shape! If anyone might know what this is, then i would greatly appreciate the help! Thankx for your time!

What is this pill - with 'sudafed SU 01' imprint?

Posted 15 Jan 2010 by shany25 1 answer

What do finasteride pills look like?

Posted 4 Dec 2009 by bothem 1 answer

What do the 1 mg pills look like from Sunrise (China)? Are they safe?

What is this pill - with 'rph M12' imprint?

Posted 12 Jul 2009 by kubek 1 answer

Need help identifying a white pill with T3 imprint?

Posted 22 Aug 2009 by JHollars 1 answer

It's a small white round pill, T3 imprint on one side and the other side is blank. It's not scored. I don't know how old it is, so I guess there's a chance that it's a pill that no longer looks the same. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

What is this pill - with 'brown spots' imprint?

Posted 15 Oct 2009 by pqueen57 1 answer

oval shaped, peach/tan color with brown spots, no drug stamps with numbers ect.

What is this pill - with 'DZ S' imprint?

Posted 6 Jan 2010 by Pademelon 1 answer

I found a concealed pill in my home, it has a V on one side, and that checks out with the manufacturer symbol for 'Cobalt'. On the other side it has imprinted DZ 5, or DZ S. Does anyone know what it is?

What is this pill - with 'm 4' imprint?

Posted 21 Feb 2010 by jerryt952 1 answer

small white pill m on one side 4 on the other side what is it

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