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Pill Id Questions (Page 766)

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What is this pill - with 'cfl' imprint?

Posted 10 Sep 2009 by mcs2 3 answers

The tablet is round (~10 mm diameter) biconvex (~5 mm thick) with a smooth ?sugar coating. The letters C F L or C F I are printed on it in poor quality black printing. The C is at the top with the other two letters below forming a triangle.

What is this pill - with 'WW 928' imprint?

Posted 14 Jun 2009 by Aaronejack 1 answer

Square with rouned corners, no other identification

Have a Pill for Irbesartan without any markings or imprints. This is a generic for Avapro?

Posted 7 Nov 2009 by Louis101 1 answer

This medication was purchased from Canada RX. The Pharma company is in India. The pill package says Irbesart-300 and Cipla LTD India. I need to be sure this is the generic for Irbesartan 300mg

What is this pill - with '4S' imprint?

Posted 14 Dec 2009 by morgan1224 1 answer

the 4 and S are on one side of the pill and the characters are split. the 4 is on top and the S is on the bottom with a line in between them. there is nothing on the back of the pill.

What is this pill - with 'ST-3EF 2283850' imprint?

Posted 10 Aug 2009 by alstromeria 1 answer

purple and gray capsule

What is this pill with "L" and "10" on side one, and "G" on side two?

Posted 12 Sep 2009 by bjsmit1 1 answer

Side one: "L" is imprinted above "10" Side two: "G" is imprinted Color: White Shape: Round and Flat The tablets are not scored, non-coated, round, flat, and relatively small. For example, they are about the same diameter as Zolpidem (generic Ambien) or Ultram ER ...

I'm looking for identification of carbamazepine pill. It is white and has T 29 imprinted?

Posted 19 Oct 2009 by kaphilli2003 1 answer

I have no idea what it is and my pharmacist was not helpful. I've been on Tegretol XR and i'm trying to find out if this medicine I have is extended release.

name of red/red orange pill with 44 392 imprint?

Posted 17 Jul 2009 by oohmah1 1 answer

round with 44 392 imprint

What is this pill - with 'MV' imprint? I found a yellow round pill that has MV on top?

Posted 19 Jun 2009 by gvsulaker82 1 answer

... followed by a horizontal line then a 4. Does anyone know what this is?

What is this pill - with 'tcl 086' imprint?

Posted 21 Sep 2009 1 answer

Round and light yellow solid with no break mark

What do acetaminophen phenylephrine diphenhydramine pills look like?

Posted 17 Oct 2009 by livelymomp 1 answer

white oval with 44513 imprinted on it

What is this pill - with '277IG' imprint?

Posted 12 Dec 2009 by galleria 1 answer

i know its soppose to be some kind of nervw pill hydr cloride im ot sure

What is this pill - with '10 over 32' imprint?

Posted 21 Dec 2009 by canada1996 1 answer

white round

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