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Found an unidentified pill?

Posted 13 Feb 2010 by crondon 1 answer

shaped like a foot ball the front is imprinted : 20 V - (the v is the length of the pill itself) back is imprinted S|S i kno that it is a codeine based drug. but that is all

What is this pill - with '3800GJ5213' imprint?

Posted 2 Mar 2010 by DAJEMAIL 1 answer

I am trying to identify a foil / blister pack of pills. They are a yellow gold color, a solid caplel shape. The pill it's self has not markings. The foil pack does have the no. 3800gj5213 07/12

I know that Boehringer Ingelheim Pharm. co made the pill I want to identify?

Posted 12 Feb 2010 by steffie smith 2 answers

It is round, and white. one side has a large M The other side is the logo (identified as Boehringer Ingelheim What is thepills name and what is it for?

It is a small, round, white, pill with an M inside a square and the otherside has a 15 above a score

Posted 27 Aug 2009 by asjeco 1 answer

... line that goes thru the middle? What is this? i have had it for quite some time, probably from a surgery.

What is this pill -it is a solid red capsule with no imprints. The inside is a powder that is a?

Posted 7 Jun 2009 by Melanieps 1 answer

... light brown and tastes similar to pepper but sour. Anyone have any guesses? I have no clue. '' imprint?

What is this pill - with A 06 imprint?

Posted 5 Mar 2010 by vlhens 1 answer

Peach colored oblong pill with A on one side and 6 / 0 or 0 / 9 on the other side

What is this pill - with '20 P' imprint ?

Posted 6 Jan 2010 by lwolczecki 1 answer

white barrel or oblong shape

What is this pill - with 'apo 5' imprint?

Posted 6 Feb 2010 by pillage 1 answer

plz i need to know whut this is newly found friends of my homies and dawgs whutever you want to be referred to as lol jk ..anyway yea white small pill apo and 5 on there

white oval pill with 44445 on it?

Posted 11 Jun 2009 by KBiddle 1 answer

What is this pill - with 'M' imprint?

Posted 15 Mar 2010 by jamon 1 answer

Small, whitish, M on one side, other side scored with 15 on top half

What is the difference?

Posted 25 Jan 2010 by chrisella 1 answer

i have been given fexofenadine 180 mgs.the pills were pink and long.The new pills the pharmacy gave are round and light pink.with the num 93and 7253..whats the difference?I know these new pills are not working like the others and i feel sick again

How long can xannax stay in urnine?

Posted 6 Feb 2010 by sazune 1 answer

If not taken on a regular basis

What do dilantin pills look like?

Posted 20 Jan 2010 by ja940 1 answer

i have been taking both dilantin 100mg and 30mg for over 20 years. my latest prescription of dilantin 30mg has a different color from the from the pink center ring to a much lighter tanish pink. anyone know why?

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