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Pill Id Questions (Page 646)

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What blue capsule pills are used as muscle relaxants?

Posted 28 Aug 2009 by intjon 1 answer

Hi. I have a problem and need help. My wife, who works as a CNA in a home-healthcare setting, brought home some medication that was prescribed for a patient. She claims the patient's mother (the patient being a late teen recovering after a coma) gave them to her, saying they were muscle ...

What is this pill - with 'A 92 Red Round?

Posted 22 Dec 2009 by kslamberton 1 answer

What do vicodin1000mg pills look like?

Posted 31 May 2010 by vatican01 1 answer

I have found some pills in my son's room that are round and white. on one side they have the?

Posted 5 May 2010 by gobbly gook 1 answer

... letters P A N in a triangle with the P on top. on the other side they are blank... Can anyone help me figure out what these are?

Round white pill with a weird R type symbol on the back and on the front there is 230 or 250?

Posted 23 Sep 2009 by milysa 1 answer

it also has a score mark where it can be broke in half

What is this pill - with 'pie' imprint?

Posted 14 Mar 2010 by skictg 1 answer

small white round pill... has eight "pie slices" on each side with no other markings

What is this pill - with 'TEM 20' imprint?

Posted 11 Mar 2010 by lollypops 1 answer

large round tablet scored on one side with TEM 20 in uk thanks

What is this pill - with 'ms' imprint?

Posted 30 Apr 2010 by lisajack 1 answer

very small round pale blue tablets, chalky texture, writing very small but looks like MSJ? Other side is scored.

What is this pill - with 'm358' imprint?

Posted 8 Feb 2010 by menu 1 answer

what is this generic for?

My son had in his pocket little orange pills with a line in the middle he said he got them from a f?

Posted 7 Mar 2010 by ronnib 1 answer

can some one tell me what they are he got them at rite aid pharmacy over the counter. Thank you

I found 1/2 of a pill and want to know what it is?

Posted 6 Jun 2010 by lisadfla 1 answer

It's white, capsule shaped and has the number 4 then a line, then 9 underneath it.

Bright yellow pill?

Posted 7 Apr 2010 by ktorre 1 answer

has a C on one side 80 on other?

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