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Pill Id Questions (Page 646)

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What do valacyclovir pills look like?

Posted 6 Jan 2010 by cdavis146 1 answer

what color are generic herpes drugs?

What is this pill - with 'T29' imprint?

Posted 16 Sep 2009 by paojami 1 answer

I was told that it was the generic for Tegretol XR? I am concerned that it might not be the XR version? Can anybody help?

What isthe white pill with no imprint?

Posted 30 Mar 2010 by misstee4551 1 answer

whatb pill is small , round, white,shiney,with no imprint. It hasa ridge around it on both sides but NO imprint anywhere

What is this pill - with 'S189' imprint?

Posted 5 Apr 2010 by ladyginger43 1 answer

5189 front 500 back. Oval in shape. White in color. Do you happen to know what this medication (pill) is?

Pill Id?

Posted 21 Mar 2010 by MISSHEIDI 1 answer

I found a pill it's orange and it's square it says bd on 1 side then 10 on the other what is it? It could be pink or peach i can't tell ! Help please .


Posted 10 Aug 2009 by wdrm 1 answer

i found a pill @ work in a clear bottle and the tiny bottle is labeled "genuine trufit 19" and inside is a clear capsule with no imprints and white powder? i am just curious as to what it is?

There is no imprint?

Posted 17 Apr 2010 by speechless1961 1 answer

I found a round, dark green pill and need to know what it is, as someone is taking it and i think it's an illegal drug

What is this pill - with 'none' imprint?

Posted 15 Apr 2010 by Stephanie2 1 answer

large capsule shape, darker green on half, turquoise/mint shape on other

What pill is M 63?

Posted 7 Mar 2010 by shoeless 1 answer

its round, white, small with an M on top, scored and then the number 63 on the bottom.

What pill is this?

Posted 15 Apr 2010 by clownfrog1 1 answer

what is this small round light orange pill w/05 on one side & an A or bell on the other side

Green and white capsule shape smells like mint. Thoughts?

Posted 19 Jan 2010 by Renee1234 2 answers

Somewhat flat on each end but was most definitely encapsulated, as I believe it went through a washing machine and did not disintegrate. No imprint. Dark (almost spinach color on one end & white on the other). Smells like mint. Found in teenager's pocket...

What is this pill - with '1-2' imprint?

Posted 10 Dec 2009 by Cat56 1 answer

Chalky red tablet. Round. I thought it was off-brand Ibuprofen.

What is this pill - with 'MILES 095?

Posted 11 Mar 2010 by angelmom4 1 answer

it is white and round about the size of a nickel

What is this pill - with 'demacolin coronet' imprint?

Posted 1 Oct 2009 by Biomama 1 answer

It looks like a pepto-busmol tablet. I bought a hoody yesterday. When I put it on this morning I found a small ziplock bag of pills in the pocket. Three different shaped pills. Two are orange, one is pink. 6 each. One orange pill is barrel shaped and has ETA on it. Each letter is outlined with a ...

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