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Pill Id Questions (Page 212)

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What is this pill - with 'FM' imprint?

Posted 12 Dec 2012 by Victoriaj 1 answer

What is this pill - with 'M' imprint? (Square and light green in color)?

Posted 18 Aug 2012 by AldousSnow 1 answer

I found some pills in my pill cabinet and I was wondering if anyone knows what they might be. I believe they are my wife's but she does not remember. The pills are tiny squares with an M on one side and a line to split them on the other side. The color is light green.

Who is the manufacturer of this Spironolactone 25 mg pill?

Posted 1 Nov 2012 by Diana_Re 1 answer

It's a 25 mg spironolactone pill. It has a lower case b made out of straight lines imprinted on one side and the number 143 on the other. It's flat but beveled along the edges. It's small, circular, and white. About 7mm in diameter. Most likely made in the USA. Who's the ...

Wht pill is this?1-2?

Posted 25 Dec 2012 by MickiGa1 1 answer

maroon and round 1-2on one side

What is this pill - with 'IP 110' imprint?

Posted 18 Oct 2012 by adouglas 1 answer

AAA 1098 white caplet?

Posted 17 Apr 2011 by hall-garcia 2 answers

I found a white caplet with AAA 1098 in my bottle of Dyazide. What is this?

What is this pill?

Posted 30 Dec 2012 by jaymeh 1 answer

There is no imprint. It is just a clear capsule with a white powder inside.

What is this pill - with 'M 035' imprint?

Posted 7 Nov 2012 by roxiern1 1 answer

Small round white pill on side has either a M or W the other side has 035 USA

What is this pill - no imprint?

Posted 21 Dec 2012 by jaekara 1 answer

no imprint no markings white capsule shaped country of origin is India called ind-swift limited also says industrial growth centre says samba 18 schedule h drug mfg lic. # is jk/01/05-6/82

What is this pill - with '5mg and a square with 5 dots' imprint?

Posted 1 Dec 2010 by marie46 1 answer

its red, on one side its imprint 5mg and on other it has a square with five dots that looks like a dice? it oval or a circle pill.

What is this pill - with '1score2?

Posted 6 Jan 2013 by askelley 1 answer

small round peach pill

What is this pill - with 'C 75' imprint?

Posted 7 Nov 2012 by bonnyangel 1 answer

Veterinary drug Scored pill C on top, 75 on the bottom half White Round

What is this pill - with '59911 5899' imprint?

Posted 23 Nov 2012 by dannell 1 answer

59911 5899 white capsule.what this pill

117 triangle shape?

Posted 23 Sep 2012 by Whatzit83 1 answer

This pill is white not a capsule, but the shape of a capsule. Imprint is 117 advance pharmaceutical (which is a triangle shape)

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