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Pill Id Questions (Page 209)

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What is this pill - with 'T 45' imprint?

Posted 6 Nov 2013 by CRFlett 1 answer

Round white..T 45... nothing on back.. T then line then 45... friend said it was Flexeril...

What is this pill - with 'G-2' imprint?

Posted 14 Nov 2013 by iiespada 1 answer

small, round, dark orange

What medication has the imprint rph with M12 beneath?

Posted 20 Sep 2013 by curiousmom4 1 answer

This is a round white pill with rph and M12 beneath. It has a line down the centre of the other side.

What is this pill - with 'TR 200' imprint?

Posted 25 Apr 2013 by Sozzled 1 answer

The exact imprint is TR 200 with the TR above the 200, there are no split lines and there is nothing on the other side. It is a pure white colour and round with slightly bevelled edges like most round pills (every round pill I've came across actually). It is approximately 8 - 9mm across just ...

Pills from Canada, Need help to identify!?

Posted 11 Mar 2013 by cagedtiger 1 answer

These are the pills that I have that I can't seem to identify. 1) First one is made by Pharmascience in Canada. It is bright orange, round, scored on one side, marked PMS on the upper scored portion and 10 on the lower half. The other side is blank, no score or markings. 2) Second one is ...

What is this pill - with '4' imprint?

Posted 27 Oct 2013 by mommydarlene 1 answer

Round white has letters cant see amd number 4 underneath. Supposed to be a muscle relaxer

What do premsyn pms pills look like?

Posted 12 Oct 2013 by davefox 1 answer

i just purchased a bottle today and i noticed that the color of the pill has changed from white to lavender in color, and wondered why?

What is this pill - with 'side a30 side b974--- 6or9' imprint?

Posted 22 May 2013 by Mike Kaye 1 answer

orange oval large side a 3 I 0 THUS 3I 0 SIDE B... 974 NBOTTOMFRONTAND I BELIEVE A 6 OR 9 ^(SCORED) I

What is this pill - with 'ALPZ' imprint?

Posted 29 Oct 2013 by cb54 1 answer

Small white round M top 15 under?

Posted 15 Oct 2013 by rise Rosenberg 1 answer

Clon0pin ?

What is this pill - with 'red white and blue pilll' imprint?

Posted 5 Oct 2013 by mom in need of help 1 answer

I found a bunch of pills they are red whit and blue on end is a L the other a 5 its in capsule form. What is this??? Please help me I mom in in desperate need of help!!!

What is this pill - with '44 and 159' imprint?

Posted 28 Sep 2013 by Angelia Stepps1 1 answer

White round with 44 and 159 on one side

What is this pill - with '229 G' imprint?

Posted 31 Aug 2013 by kryste 1 answer

Round, peach colored pill stamped 229 on one side and i cant tell if its a "g" or a "v"

What is this pill - with 'DZ 5' imprint?

Posted 26 Mar 2013 by paniaminx 1 answer

DZ above half pill line 5 below line, other side is cobalt imprint. is white, round and in new zealand

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