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Pill Id Questions (Page 209)

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White oval shaped pill with a 'J' on one side, flipped over it has an odd looking '4' or possibly a?

Posted 16 Aug 2013 by shadygator 1 answer

... 'L+', along with a '2' . That side has a bar separating the 4 & 2

What is this pill - with 'TEC 2' imprint?

Posted 29 Mar 2014 by NettoAnn 1 answer

The pill is round shape with white color. Tablet is on the thicker side.

What do Trazodone pills look like?

Posted 15 Apr 2014 by kklove80 2 answers

SZ 199 Round White

What is this pill - with '66772' imprint?

Posted 14 Apr 2014 by milton cook 1 answer

pill is generic copy

Is their such thing as a 10mg klonopin pill?

Posted 10 Jun 2010 by jmm2107 2 answers

What is this pill - white, round with an arrow both sides?

Posted 5 Jan 2013 by ashleyoatboat 1 answer

It's a white, round shaped pill with an arrow type of shape imprinted on both sides. The arrow has a small circle attached to the base of it, so it roughly looks like this: o>

What pill has an m in a box on one side and a 4 on the other side?

Posted 4 Oct 2013 by mylove0214 1 answer

What round white pill has an m in a box on one side and a 4 on the other?

RP 125 Pink Capsule Shaped Pill?

Posted 15 Feb 2011 by amg812 2 answers

What is the pink capsule shaped pill (not a capsule, though), not coated and with the imprint RP125? Thank you

What is this pill with PVK 500 imprinted on one side and 66 950 on other. It is white oblong caplets

Posted 9 Mar 2014 by Beardom1 1 answer

... scored in center on both sides?

What is this pill - with 'n' imprint?

Posted 15 Jun 2014 by bisquit1956 1 answer

Has "N" on one side and is scored on the other with1 on one side and 5 on the other (is indented). Pale yellow, round, maybe from Canada.

What is this pill - blue, round, with 15 on one side and an M inside a?

Posted 16 Jan 2012 4 answers

square on the other side? I haven't got a clue gang! Thank you and Good morning everyone, sweet lemon

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