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Pill Id Questions (Page 173)

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What is this pill - with 'A 5' imprint?

Posted 18 Aug 2013 by gfunk200 1 answer

I found a VERY light blue round pill large M on one side no underscore cant make out other side???

Posted 7 May 2012 by little4567 4 answers

Its bigger than a birth control pill but smaller than 5mg percocet the dentist give you, its so light blue its almost white, there is no square around the M on the one side I think the other side may have a number on top and bottom, or a letter on top number on bottom, can't tell, and again ...

What do Old pills look like?

Posted 20 Jul 2013 by starsblondie 1 answer

P42, white, oval/eclipes, i can't find it anywhere. it was in a bottle with other white pills that looked like it but had different markings. unsure what it is. or where it came from. my 8 yr old daughter found them outside after a bbq at our house

Mysterious pill?

Posted 2 Aug 2013 by DamienSerafina 1 answer

Was found in Oregon. Very small and off-white. Has what looks kinda like a D sitting above the numbers as a hat. The number is 59. It's scored on the other said. Any ideas?

What is the pill that is white and blue capsule with 5489 on it and 50mg?

Posted 25 Sep 2011 by M. Lynch 1 answer

My son has afriend who takes this medicaine

What is this pill - with '' a sloping plus symbol in an oval ring"?

Posted 9 Jul 2013 by Christopher H 100 1 answer

Imprint - a sloping plus symbol in an oval ring plain on back colour - white shape - capsule shaped tablet country of origin - Australia

I found a pill in my kids room. It is white in color it has the #319 imprinted on top and the back?

Posted 9 Jul 2013 by cindy dick 1 answer

and the back is smooth?? Any ideas on what this pill is ???

What is this pill - with 'PC F' imprint?

Posted 21 May 2013 by abskoldtu 1 answer

It has PC F on it, with the PC and F separated by a splitting mark (Where you split the pill in half), it's white, oblong/capsule shaped, and has what looks like a cursive 'A' on the other side. It kinda looks like this on the front: (PC | F) Thank you!

What is this red and blue pill - with 'L 5' imprint?

Posted 18 Jul 2013 by jeannieleafblad 1 answer

Capsule that is red and blue with a gray circle around the center. There is an "L" on the red portion of the capsule and a "5" on the blue portion of the capsule.

Idenyify a pill?

Posted 15 Jul 2013 by john sills 1 answer

large-long oval shaped white tablet on 1 side it has 3 on 1 half then a line in the middle then a 2 on the other half on the other side it has an x in the middle

What is this pill - with 'DAF 1G' imprint?

Posted 18 Mar 2013 by BEAR80 1 answer

i think its from belgium

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