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Pill Id Questions (Page 173)

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What drug is elliptical shaped, orange when partially dissolved/wet and has the imprint C 5 or S?

Posted 4 Dec 2014 by WonderingWoman16 1 answer

This drug was found on the floor in a classroom, and it appeared to have been either placed in the mouth, the coating partially dissolved, showing a splotchy orange color. Moisture could have been added in some other way, as well, the reason for the splotchiness is unknown, but it looked as if it ...

What is this pill - with 'bmp 205' imprint?

Posted 13 Mar 2013 by Maggzie29 1 answer

Round / a slight bit off white/ imprint BMP 205// nothing on other side/ no split in middle either. I found it on my team so I am not sure of country of origin but we live in US

What all pills start with gam?

Posted 24 Nov 2014 by Dizzyd 1 answer

What kind of drug is a white capsule with a blue stripe at the end?

Posted 22 Aug 2014 by delicousd 1 answer

my friend s son left one at her home and said it was perocet 30, it was white capsule with a blue stripe at one end

Peach colored ellipital oval shaped one side only imprint. 8 l 293 thers a line that seperates #s?

Posted 2 Nov 2014 by ziggy21 1 answer

It is an antianxiety med. Just wondering name and mgs

Purplish colored round pill with imprint M 57??

Posted 18 Dec 2014 by sailorchick 1 answer

Anyone know what this could be?

What is round, domed on each side , imprint P, at the top , under is 75 below the weird P , tan?

Posted 5 Dec 2014 by Nitajayne 1 answer

Other side says nothing, looked sorta flakes colors, tan / beige under a magnifying glass

What is this pill - with 'TEVA 3107' imprint?

Posted 18 Aug 2014 by chompdog 1 answer


What is this pill - with 'V10' imprint?

Posted 23 Feb 2012 by backwreck 1 answer

this pill is white round with a big "V" with the number 10 in the middle of the V the other side has a score on it pls help me identify this pill

Is there a pink 100mg tramadol pill?

Posted 31 Dec 2011 by mmort_4238 1 answer

What is the small round blue pill with no number or letter imprint on it, only a logo?

Posted 16 Aug 2014 by Santanalexus 1 answer

I'm in Canada and have a small round pill that is pale blue with what looks like a logo on one side and a score on the other side. The logo looks either like a U with a triangular shape inside it or if you turn it the other way kind of like ladies hair with bangs...

What is this pill - with 'teva,3927' imprint?

Posted 12 Aug 2014 by summerlynne 1 answer

Its a light yellow round pill on one side it says TEVA on the other theres one line horizontally under the numbers 3927

What is this pill - with '' FR"?

Posted 2 Aug 2012 by Kels28 3 answers

I found a pill in my car, it is round, white with blue specks and has a FR on the front and is cut into fourths on the back. I am trying to find out where it came from and a little about it.

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