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Can a pharmacist ask for a diagnosis and refuse to fill prescription?

Can a pharmacist ask what your diagnosis is and say she won't fill script until doctor calls and tells her the diagnosis and why you take the medication. It was for 90 vicodin Es that aren't abused and only prescribed by one pain management doctor. Isn't there some privacy law and... read more

Has anyone else been having a problem with 1mg alprazolam made by Actavis?

I have been on 1mg alprazolam for years and it has been the only thing that will help my anxiety and panic disorder. My pharmacist has always had the alprazolam made by Greenstone and then without any warning he switched to a different brand (Actavis) and when I got home and took my next 1mg of... read more

Has anyone taken the generic medication Adderall, made by Camber?

I have been on generic Adderall since 2017. The mfr, was Teva. My pharmacy changed their supplier to Camber, (without telling me). I asked the pharmacist about it because I noticed a Hugh change in my symptoms. It was like I wasn’t taking anything, my attitude has changed, I can’t get... read more

How much is 10 mls in teaspoon or tablespoon?

Why is my doctor/pharmacist telling me that the new tramadol has percocet in/have to pick up script?

both doctor and pharmacist (Walgreens) are telling me that the new tramadol has percocet in it and that i have to go to doctors office to get scripts and they are saying that now it's a controlled substance. My pain is so intense with L3,4,5 along with disks in neck is bad and also I have... read more

Allegra vs. Allegra Hives?

Allegra Hives is a new OTC medicine which is currently very hard to get in my area. I spoke to a pharmacist to see what the difference is in the two medicines. I was told "they are the same". Then, why is one called Allegra and the other one is called Allegra Hives?

What does "HCL" stand for after the drug name?

For example: Methadone HCL 10 MG Tablet?

Is it okay to take Amoxicillin 875 two hours early to get it on schedule?

I was prescribed the antibiotic and took my first dose at 2 pm, I took my next one at midnight since my pharmacist said every 10-12 hours. I have been looking up dosage times online and I keep seeing 12 hours, so wanted to know if it has to be every 12 hours between doses.

Oxycodone and tramadol together ?

Nothing seems to be cutting the pain for my daughter who had tonsils, adenoids and deviated septum work done. She takes meds and vomits. Pharmacist said not to mix the two drugs. Dr says she can take her full dose of tramadol and 1/2 dose of the oxy together... any experience with the two ?

Medicine - Can I ask my pharmacist for name brand drugs or does it have to be my doc?

I want to take welbutrin and effexor not generic how do I do this?

What is stronger watson YELLOW NORCO, or The White Watson 853 NORCO?

The pharmacist told me that they changed the formula?

Taking lipitor for several years, 3 mths ago started getting bad hip leg pain, could it be lipitor?

I've tried exercise and pain medication, to no avail, and I'm wondering if it could be the lipitor. A pharmacist told me "highly doubtful", but I stopped the lipitor 3 days ago, and have had an immediate reduction in pain. I also slept better last night than I have in several... read more

I need advice about taking lyrica vs gabapentin? Can I take gabapentin by day and lyrica at night?

I have taken Lyrica starting at 75mg and now up to 150mg twice a day for just over a year now. I decided to try find a less expensive alternative and Gabapentin was recommended by a pharmacist. I am not a diabetic, but I've had spinal fusion twice, 10 years and 1year ago. Now I suffer with... read more

Has anybody cut a Wellbutrin SR 150 in half?

A friend's doc told her that she could cut WB SR in half. I called my pharmacy & the pharmacist said that I could (even though the bottle says not to crush or chew). Today I spoke to a diff pharmacist at the same pharmacy & he said not to split the pill. Some posts say when an SR... read more

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