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Performance Anxiety Questions

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How quickly does propranolol work?

Propranolol - Advice please?

Hello. I have been prescribed 40mg of propranolol. I mentioned to my Dr about fear of upcoming interviews and daily anxiety about them and hearing from further job applications: I would get anxious just checking my inbox. Do you guys reckon this is the right medicine then? And, is 40mg quite a lot?... read more

Can I take 2 50mg sildenafil if taking 1 didn't work?

I am 21 and suffer from severe performance anxiety. I'm fit and eat healthy but I am terribly nervous with it comes to the bedroom. My doctor was happy to prescribe me with a 50mg dose of sildenafil Couldn't hold an erection after taking a 50mg tablet of sildenafil. Yes I was aroused and... read more

What happens if I take expired propranolol? For stage fright?

I have a bottle of Inderal LA 60 mg (long acting propranolol), it says it expires this month. I still have a lot of pills and I need it for a presentation in March 2018. Will it still work for that date? Has anyone tried or has any experience? I would buy it again but I live in Argentina and I have... read more

Weight gain on propranolol?

I was just prescribed 10 mg of propranolol 2x a day for anxiety, and one of the side effects listed on the info sheets my pharmacist gave me with the medication is "big weight gain." The word "big" in particular is scaring me. Has anyone experienced weight gain on this drug?

Performance anxiety. What is a prescribed drug for performance anxiety?

I have been avoiding sex because a few times during sex with my girlfriend I lost my erection for no apparent reason.. I may have just been out of it. We had a VERY healthy sex life before this issue which started 6 months or so ago. Basically she got really mad after one of the times it happened.... read more

Can propranolol be taken only intermittently on an as needed basis for anxiety?

Cab propranolol be used as needed? For example: 30 minutes before a stressful situation on Wednesday and then take it again in Sunday for a stressful situation.

Can you mix Xanax with Propranolol?

I talked to the pharmacy and they said it should be fine i just want to know of anyone has had any experience taking both

Is it okay to take propranolol past the expiration date on the bottle?

I got propranolol (10MG) prescribed to me back in October of 2015 for test anxiety and stage fright. I have a presentation tomorrow and I found the bottle with 6 pills left in it. The expiration date on the bottle says 10/14/2016. Is it safe to take it? If so has the potency decreased?

Propranolol - does propranol make any one else sweat and is this a side effect?

I am a 31 year old male and have been put on imipramine and propranol for anxiety and headaches I have really bad experience of sweating a lot when been taking my propranol twice a day it is causing excessive sweating from mainly my head and face even when not doing stuff it happens to me sitting... read more

Clonazepam and propranolol for performance anxiety?

Has any one taken both clonazepam and propranolol for performance anxiety? I normally take both only as needed for acute anxiety only (clonazepam - 0.5mg - 1 mg) and performance only (propranolol 40 - 60mg). I recently took 40mg of propranolol approximately 6 hours before a performance and then... read more

Celexa and cialis interaction?

I am 18, I have severe performance anxiety to the point where I can't do anything in the bedroom. I have been taking celexa for about a month now. I am considering taking 5mg of cialis to help me out. I know it lowers blood pressure, I don't have high or low blood pressure that I know of.... read more

Propranolol and Adderall - performance anxiety?

I was put on propranolol 10 mg yesterday because I get performance anxiety. I have a really important presentation tomorrow and I feel anxious not knowing the effects of this drug. I wish I was able to publicly speak or experiment with it way before tomorrow so I can know how well it will work and... read more

What to do if I can't take a propranolol until more than 6 hours before my presentation?

I have reasons for which I cannot take the medicine in time.. what should I do? Does the effect of the propranolol last for a long time during the day?

Propranolol + a sleep aid?

I have pretty intense performance anxiety & thus far in my life, have just dealt with it on my own. Next month, I have to speak in front of a large live audience and cameras. A friend told me about beta blockers & I really want to try them out. My question: I do use a sleep aid (zopiclone)... read more

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