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Paranoid Disorder Questions

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Had sex day after period. Took Plan B and bled a week after again?

I had unprotected sex the day my period ended (no blood) It was only for a few minutes and he pulled out but said he wasn't close to ejaculation. But after so much paranoia and research I found out about pre-cum. I took Plan B one step about 2 days later (48-50 hours) After 7 days after taking... read more

Wellbutrin XL 150 mg maybe causing hallucinations?

I just started Welbutrin XL 150 mg sid 2 weeks ago. I am on it for PPD and PPA after an 2nd trimester miscarriage last month. I am a 29 year old female. We also just moved into a new home about 4 weeks ago. Anyways, I honestly was thinking my house was haunted. Until yesterday when I realized I... read more

How the heck do I get off Klonapin after 20 yrs?

I was put on klonapin 20 yrs ago because of panic attacks and severe anxiety. I couldn't leave my home and if I did I never walked with my head up, I never looked at anyone, I was paranoid bad. I had OCD and RLS. I know it's messing up my memory. Every time I try to back off even a TINY... read more

Paranoid and delusional Husband?

Hello, I am trying to help my husband who has recently been diagnosed with a type of paranoid and delusional disorder. Basically, he thinks that everyone is out to get him..including myself and has no trust in anyone, including myself. we have been married for four years now and he is in his early... read more

Quetiapine - What if I stop taking Seroquel?

Can Suboxone make someone psychotic?

My daughter has been on Suboxone and has had a change in mentation. She is a very intelligent, a law student, but has begun to exhibit delusional behaviour and seems to have lost touch with reality

I had protected sex then took plan b just in case. But my nipples are getting darker and Im scared!?

I woke up the morn after i had sex with heavy tingly breast so i rushed and took plan b and it stopped. My period is supposed to start today but im scared. Maybe im overly paranoid but could i be pregnant?

Risperdal/Risperidone Withdrawal Side Effects?

I am currently taking 1mg to sometimes 2mg doses of Risperdal/Risperidone. What are the withdrawal effects with my dosage? Is it true paranoia (hallucinations) and delusions would occur? Or just mild irritability/ticking/twitching?

I took a sertraline 100mg was only suppose to take half accidentally didn't read the directions. It?

Half of the pill. That was 4 whole days ago and I've been paranoid anxiety with sweat flashes. I have no appetite. What do I do to make this go away? Someone please help

Can taking just 300mg of gabapentin a day cause anger and paranoia or am I just loosing my mind?

I have been experiencing burning all down my neck, back and arms and I was put on gabapentin 300 mg. I found by 4:00 PM I was angry and felt all kinds of bad thoughts. I have decided to cut back and take just I mid morning and 1 before bed. Has anyone experienced these feelings? Please help.

What if I have none of the symptoms listed when taking Plan B and How does it affect your period?

I took the Plan B pill the morning after I had sex and the condom broke. However, I have not experienced any kind of stomach pains, nausea, vomiting or anything. It makes me paranoid that maybe it didn't work. And I've heard that it makes your period quite painful the first couple days...... read more

Had protected sex. Took plan b 24hrs later. Can I be pregnant?

I lost my virginity on the 7th. I took plan b not even 24 hours after sex. He used a condom. My period was supposed to come on the 13th, which it did. It only lasted 3 days, where my other periods have lasted 5-6 days. I experienced cramping and it was a bright red blood. However, 2 days after it... read more

5th day of citalopram... Is or has anyone experienced any side effects not listed?

I am on my 5th day of citalopram. I currently am taking 10mg but was prescribed 20mg, but the doctor told me I could take half so that is what I decided. I might just be paranoid and causing these problems myself but, I have noticed an increase in sex drive as well as strange bowel movements i.e.... read more

Mood stabilizer + appetite suppressant???

I will be going to see my doctor about two different things. One, I'm sure I'm bipolar. I have the up and down mood swings, delusional thought, paranoia, hopeless then so happy I feel almost high, sleepless. Anyways , I need a mood stabilizer. But, I also desperately need to lose weight.... read more

Can the morning after pill make my breasts sore?

So i took the morning after pill about 4 days ago, and my breast have been really really sore today. I still haven't gotten my period either. I took the morning after pill because i was paranoid of getting pregnant (even though we used a condom) i took it 3 days after the first time and i had... read more

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