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Paranoid Disorder Questions

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Can I still ovulate on the pill??

Posted 25 Jul 2013 by BM_HM 2 answers

I've been taking lutera for over 17 months now. I know a lot about it and that it's supposed to stop ovulation and all that. But I'm kind of paranoid right now. I have a period tracker that I still use, and it still shows me my ovulation day. Well, my boyfriend and I had unprotected ...

What if I have none of the symptoms listed when taking Plan B and How does it affect your period?

Posted 2 Apr 2013 by mira111 2 answers

I took the Plan B pill the morning after I had sex and the condom broke. However, I have not experienced any kind of stomach pains, nausea, vomiting or anything. It makes me paranoid that maybe it didn't work. And I've heard that it makes your period quite painful the first couple days... ...

Had protected sex. Took plan b 24hrs later. Can I be pregnant?

Posted 19 Sep 2013 by Kjmb1216 2 answers

I lost my virginity on the 7th. I took plan b not even 24 hours after sex. He used a condom. My period was supposed to come on the 13th, which it did. It only lasted 3 days, where my other periods have lasted 5-6 days. I experienced cramping and it was a bright red blood. However, 2 days after it ...

I had protected sex then took plan b just in case. But my nipples are getting darker and Im scared!?

Posted 11 Aug 2013 by PleaseHelpMeUgh 4 answers

I woke up the morn after i had sex with heavy tingly breast so i rushed and took plan b and it stopped. My period is supposed to start today but im scared. Maybe im overly paranoid but could i be pregnant?

Schizophrenia - How can you help someone who doesn't want help?

Posted 30 Oct 2012 by rystall79 8 answers

I believe my mother has paranoid schizophrenia but she is resistant to even going to a family counselor with me. She doesn't trust doctors and doesn't think there is anything wrong with her. How can you get someone help that doesn't think they need help? She's not suicidal yet ...

I took a sertraline 100mg was only suppose to take half accidentally didn't read the directions. It?

Posted 15 Feb 2016 by Zackallen34 2 answers

Half of the pill. That was 4 whole days ago and I've been paranoid anxiety with sweat flashes. I have no appetite. What do I do to make this go away? Someone please help

Brown discharge after taking a Plan B, pregnant? Very paranoid?

Posted 10 days ago by Brandon Malvosta 1 answer

My girlfriend and I never actually had sex, but I got pretty close to the vagina ( on the clit actually) and I never ejaculated before touching her clit. She took a plan b out of paranoia just 40 hours later. I know the chances of pregnancy are very low (especially with the Plan B), but her period ...

Sertraline - Paranoid from dosage change of setraline?

Posted 13 Nov 2017 by HanneL 1 answer

Hey. I take 50mg of trazodone for sleep and was taking 100mg of setraline but got bumped up to 150mg. When I was on 100mg I was lashing out, full on rage mode. Throwing things, screaming at anyone about anything. Now that I got bumped up to 150mg of Setraline I've calmed down some. Here's ...

Persevere or back to gp on doxycycline day 3?

Posted 16 Nov 2017 by Yozza123 0 answers

I am immunosuppressed due to kidney transplant in 2011, which is going well but I do tend to get a bit paranoid about things. Mid October I started with sniffles, had my flu jab and a few days later felt unwell. I had a UTI so we started on cephalexin for 14 days. The day after starting these I ...

Bacterial Vaginitis - prescribed Ovestin and Acigel. Can you take both of these at the same time?

Posted 29 Sep 2017 by Gls7 1 answer

I was prescribed both of these from a doctor for inflammation and bacterial imbalance. I'm paranoid that you can't take them at the same time?

Wellbutrin XL 150 mg maybe causing hallucinations?

Posted 5 Aug 2017 by braybray0804 3 answers

I just started Welbutrin XL 150 mg sid 2 weeks ago. I am on it for PPD and PPA after an 2nd trimester miscarriage last month. I am a 29 year old female. We also just moved into a new home about 4 weeks ago. Anyways, I honestly was thinking my house was haunted. Until yesterday when I realized I ...

Pregabalin tolerance?

Posted 20 Aug 2017 by marty1314 2 answers

I have to buy online (£110 for 56 300mg) after 4-5 days on 1 300mg it no longer worked and anxiety, panic and severe sweating and paranoia were back. Is it common to build tolerance so fast? Dont want to keep uping the dose...

Been on 40mg lisinopril for decades. But BP spiked to 195/95. Can I double dose til the doc visit?

Posted 22 Jul 2017 by therebel74 1 answer

Nothing else has changed, except higher pain levels from a bad back. I'm 68 yo male, in good shape, except for drinking too much and smoking one ppd.

I have been on Latuda, 40 mg every night, for 5 years. Due to a side effect, I have to be weaned?

Posted 13 Aug 2017 by mkhebert 1 answer

... off it. 4 days ago, I went down to 20 mg every night. Now I have severe paranoia and racing thoughts related to one problem that has no reality to it. I also have a moderate back ache that I can't relieve with ibuprofen Is this possible? Since it is the weekend, I can't reach my ...

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