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Osteopenia Questions

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Should 40mg dosage be tapered after 5 days of use?

Posted 11 Jun 2017 by LLCraig 1 answer

I have hypothyroidism, am pre diabetic, and have osteopenia. I recently was given 20mg pills of prednisone, 2 pills daily (40mg)for contact dermatitis, possibly poison oak. My dosage of prednisone is for 5 days no tapering. My rash continues to spread though only one large blister is oozing on my ...

Can muscle, joint and bone pain with Fosamax be severe enough to be debilitating?

Posted 22 Sep 2012 by Tobeleh 2 answers

I was on Fosamax years ago for Osteopenia. Bone density exams showed improvement. After being on the drug for over five years studies came out suggesting that taking Fosamax for over five years was not a good idea. My GYN and I decided to take a break. A couple years after that I was struck with a ...

Can I receive hepatitis b vacine at any time because I am in Forteo treatment?

Posted 20 Jun 2017 by Alimarca 0 answers

I am posted for cervical surgery and I in treatment with Forteo because I have severe osteopenia with a densitometry in -2.3

Norflex - Is it better or same as gabapentin?

Posted 10 Nov 2016 by Bad gene pool 2 answers

Am having sciatica pain from S1 and L5 lower back and down right leg. Am diabetic and alpha 1 and osteopenia

Does anyone have issues getting Medicare or Medicare Advantage coverage for their meds?

Posted 21 Nov 2016 by BooBoo76 2 answers

I have suffered for more than 10 yrs from chronic pain due to occipital neuralgia, severe muscle pain, migraines, trigeminal neuralgia, I have osteopenia in lower back, also have herniated and bulging disks in lower back and upper cervical spine. Have degenerative disk disease for more than 30 yrs. ...

How can I get finacial assistane for Boniva?

Posted 6 Aug 2016 by pegbob 1 answer

I pay $95 a month for generic and I am on a fixed income. with my other precriptions this has become a burden. I have tried other products and Boniva is the only one that has helped with my bone loss

Has anyone who has been taking an aromatase inhibitor med being diagnosed with osteoporosis or?

Posted 9 Aug 2016 by Anais7 0 answers

... osteopenia? what do you do or take to help with this condition? Thanks

I at one time was prescribed Fosteum for osteopenia, osteoporosis prevention. I'm looking it up now?

Posted 1 Aug 2016 by MaryannRusso 0 answers

And there's a big "discontinued" sign over the whole entry - does that mean it's unsafe? Or does it mean it's just not made anymore?

Prolia update on the lingering side effects of this horrible drug !!?

Posted 2 Nov 2015 by Joey V 3 answers

Still suffering from side effects of Prolia shot given to me for osteopenia . Just a warning again, this is a terrible drug for Osteoperosis or Ostepinia . It was originally used and is still used for bone cancer patients!! The drug company Amgen should have to account for promoting Prolia for ...

Any generic as good as atelvia?

Posted 25 Sep 2014 by old bones 1 answer

Actonel was my osteopenia med until maker stopped before it went generic and instead offered (at a HIGH price) ATELVIA. Since recently patented, I'd like to get a generic that would not betray my bones, but still cost less. Currently pay $ 1000.00 a year for 52 pills (1 a week), after a $ ...

I was prescribed Combipatch by my dr. because of my severe osteopenia and postmenopausal symptoms. I

Posted 4 Aug 2014 by wendy2135 1 answer

... haven't had a period in over 2 years. I am on my2nd patch and have started bleeding just like my period with menstrual cramping as well. Is this breakthrough bleeding? Is this something to worry about? I will also be starting a medication that will help with the osteopenia. I plan on ...

Is eating a high fiber cereal (14 g fiber) OK while taking 50mcg levothyroxin before b-fast?

Posted 28 May 2013 by 49er 2 answers

I am almost 64 and female and have just started taking a med for low thyroid levels. Also, would having 550 g of calcium (from juice and almond milk) be too much calcium for b-fast? I am now taking my multivitamin, calcium supplement, and Vitamin D3 tablet for lunch.

Will pantoprazole inhibit the absorption of calcium and vitamin d into the body?

Posted 20 May 2012 by tcelentano 1 answer

I have been taking pantroprazole for 10 years or more and was just diagnosed with advanced osteopenia. I am 48 years old and in good physical condition. I am 5'6", I weigh 127 pounds and have a good diet. I am very physically active.

Synthroid and osteoporosis?

Posted 15 Apr 2012 by grglo5 2 answers

My mother had severe osteoporosis and was on synthroid(levothyroxin) for many years. I, also, have osteopenia and have been on it for about 10 years. Is there a better alternative? Also have glaucoma and on an eye drop beta blocker... any reaction with synthroid? I am 69 years old. I am worried ...

Could a severe exacerbation of chronic back pain be linked to starting treatment with fosamax?

Posted 17 Apr 2012 by jenran 1 answer

My husband has commenced treatment with fosamax five weeks ago. He had recently been diagnosed with osteopenia; he suffered a compression fracture of his L1 vertebra in 2010, and also has widespread degenerative disease in his lumbar spine. In the past couple of weeks he has complained of much more ...

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