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Shortnened my period on orthocyclen, I wanted my period to come this month but I only have spotting?

Posted 19 Dec 2017 by Ivegotquestions 0 answers

I have been on orthocyclen for about 4 years, I have shortened my period before my skipping the placebo pills but when I want my period to come I take the placebo pills and I get my regular period. (I do not stop my period often). I recently stopped my period for 3 months because of its ...

Ortho Cyclen - Will these symptoms stop?

Posted 13 Jul 2017 by Cpmichaels 0 answers

I started ortho cycles barely over a week ago. And since the second day I have had HORRIBLE cramps and my breasts have been so tender that it hurts to touch them but it hurts even worse to let them hang free. I was on sprintec for two years and got off almost two years ago and never got my period ...

Ortho Cyclen - I take ortho-cyclen and I lost a pill in my pack so I took another and ended up a day

Posted 20 May 2017 by Lisa_Smith24 0 answers

... ahead. My first question is, what should I have done at that point and does it really matter? Now during the same pack I missed two pills in a row during the 3rd week (it's my second month though) , so I just took two pills for the two following days then went back on schedule. I've ...

Ortho Cyclen - I just started taking ortho-cyclen last month on the day I got my period. This month?

Posted 11 Mar 2017 by Chardaeharris86 1 answer

... it was 3 days late. At first it was a darkish color but now it the color it should be red. I'm not cramping as bad as I was last month. But I'm ready for it to go off. It's been 3 long days. My questions is it normal & when is it gonna go off???

Ortho Cyclen - Can I get Ortho Cylcen outside of Canada? Which countries carry it?

Posted 3 May 2017 by VicTubrett 0 answers

I am moving to Ireland, and want to know if I can get the same prescription there !

Ortho Cyclen - Switching from Loryna (Yaz) to Ortho-Cyclen?

Posted 30 Nov 2016 by Mega818 0 answers

My GYN is switching me from Loryna (the generic of Yaz) to Ortho-Cyclen because of prolonged and abnormal bleeding, possible have endometriosis, but I'm very nervous. Any thoughts or suggestions? Had a horrible reaction to Microgestin FE 1-20

Ortho Cyclen - Is it normal to bleed during sex a little over a week befor my period on orthocyclen?

Posted 26 Jul 2016 by Krhkrh 0 answers

... It's only my second month on the pill

Ortho Cyclen - My period come do I need to drink the remaining pills to finish the pack?

Posted 30 Jun 2016 by Mayann 0 answers

If your period come need to drink the pills to finish the pack?

Nitrofurantoin - Birth Control Pill and prophylactic Macrobid?

Posted 15 Feb 2016 by Djjazzyflax 0 answers

My doctor wants to put my on this prophylacticlly, as I have had 4 UTIs in 6 months. Right now I'm on Ortho Cyclen, and am worried about the effect it will have on my pill. I'm in a monogamous, long term (i.e. talking marriage) relationship, and immensely dislike condoms. I'm ...

Ortho Cyclen - Would like to skip my period?

Posted 2 Mar 2016 by Charlottekd 0 answers

I am going on vacation next week and would like to skip my period. I am not currently taking any birth control but i do have an RX for ortho cyclen. If i start taking it now will it push my period back?

Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo - TRI ORTHO CYCLEN LO birth control?

Posted 5 Oct 2015 by tnovelo 1 answer

Ive been taking Tri Ortho cyclen for about 2 yrs now. I had just finished my green pills and i took my 1st white pill but i usually take my BC at 9:00pm but i took the pill 2nd pill 4 hrs late on friday and i had unprotected sex within the 4 hrs No he didnt cum in me. But i felt unsafe so on ...

Birth control help??

Posted 13 Nov 2015 by animalbabii 1 answer

So I've been on Ortho Cyclen (not tri-Cyclen) for a little under a month, and when I started taking my doctor didn't tell me about Sunday start or anything and just told me to start taking it even though I was a few weeks away from my period. A week before I started I started cramping and ...

I'm on the BCP I still haven't taken my green pill but I started bleeding a little.. why?

Posted 12 Jan 2016 by xysiaa 1 answer

I've been on the ortho-cyclen lo BCP for almost 2 months & yesterday I started bleeding a little when I wiped. Also last week I had missed 2 of my pills but took them when I remembered, me & my boyfriend had unprotected sex the following day.. is there any chance I could be pregnant? ...

Fertile mucous while on the pill?

Posted 27 Dec 2015 by Djjazzyflax 0 answers

Hi there, here's all the facts: Been on Ortho Cyclen since July 5th. Have taken my pill everyday, within 5-10 minutes of eachother. Used condoms to be extra cautious, and while I was on antibiotics both in July and September. I take a GNC vitapak that the pharmacist told me shouldn't ...

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