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Organ Transplant - Rejection Prophylaxis Questions

We found 9 questions associated with the 'Organ Transplant - Rejection Prophylaxis' topic.

Long Term Effects of Prograf?

Posted 21 Dec 2014 1 answer

My daughter had liver transplant at age 2. She is 5 now and so far everything is ok (fingers crossed). She has been on prograf all this time and doctors say she will need it for the rest of her life. What are the potential side effects of long term use of this drug? Obviously, I'm hoping for ...

Mycophenolate Mofetil - Has Mycopheneolate caused anyones kidneys to shutdown?

Posted 12 Mar 2013 1 answer

I have now reached the top of the third stage on my creatin level and I am starting to have lots of kidney infection. I take 500 mg of mycophenolate Mofetil and Tacrolimus 3mg each day because of a liver transplant. I have heard that both of these drugs are notoriously bad on for your kidneys, if ...

Is Dr. Reddy's Laboratories able to help me pay for my Tacrolimus? I cannot afford it?

Posted 3 Sep 2014 2 answers

I have Medicare Part A&B. Part B pays 80% for my anti rejection medication. I have no 2ndary insurance and so I am responsible for 20%. This is more than $200 a month. I cannot afford to pay this amount but need the medication to survive. Please help me.

Tacrolimus - I get off and on night sweats where I soak the bed. Is this from the Prograf?

Posted 10 Dec 2017 1 answer

I had a kidney transplant on November 11, 2017. I am taking 10 Prograf a day now. I am still having blood test twice a week. I get off and om night sweats where I am soaking wet. Should I be concerned? is this from the medication. No fever. BP ok. Been having muscle cramps but have upped my mmag ...

What is the severity of or chance of interaction of Valtrex with cyclosporine?

Posted 21 Mar 2010 1 answer

I am on cyclorsporine following a kidney and pancreas transplant but have taken Valtrex for many years as prophylaxis and would like to continue it or something similar as prophylaxis. Are these okay to take together or is there a better option that would provide the same effect?

Do the side effects of prograf wear off once the drug is discontinued?

Posted 14 Mar 2010 1 answer

My husband appears to be suffering from tach toxicity... mental fugue, agitation, etc... they have stopped the drug... but do the side effects go away once he is weaned?

Is anyone experiencing weight gain or elevated chloresterol levels as a result taking tacromillus?

Posted 19 Aug 2010 1 answer

I had a kidney/liver transplant 2 years ago. I am taking 4 mg of prograf daily. I am experiencing some weight gain and wonder if any one else is experiencing this same effect. I have gained 35 pounds in 2 years. I know part of this is just being more healthy as I was malnourished before the ...

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