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Began as a toothache, moved to my gums, now my cheek is swollen & I can't open my mouth. What is it?

2 days ago, I complained about 3 teeth on the top left side hurting. I figured it was my wisdom tooth trying to come in and moving my teeth to do it, so I took ibuprofen and used some orajel and dealt with the pain. The next day, I had the same toothache, but there was also a sore spot along my... read more

Orajel - can oralgel effect a drug test 5 panel?

my boyfriend is on drug court & he has random U.A's. Recently he had a REAL BAD toothache & he was using alot of oralgel way over recommended dose.The pain was horrible he wasn't sleeping & couldn't eat. Anyways after 2 or 3 days of using oralgel had to submit a U.A, and... read more

Orajel - Is oragel supposed to bubble up and turn white after you use it?

I have really bad teeth problems and am in pain. When I apply the medicine it turns white and bubbles up. Is this normal?

I put Orajel directly on my tooth and it makes it hurt more. Why is it making my tooth hurt?

I have a painful toothache and my tooth is broken so I put Orajel directly on my tooth and it makes it hurt more. Am I applying it wrong?

Applied Orajel on my irritated gums and teeth to make it to my appointment. Entire time my mouth...

... and gums are raw. Every time I eat it burns and is super uncomfortable. What do i do to heal it?

Is orajel harmful to swallow?

how do you know you took to much?

I've been using Orajel on my gum/toothe for 3 days. After the third day I woke?

... up with a swollen gum and obvious swelling by the area (now I have a chip-munk cheek) and not much feeling other than numbness in the area. Is this temporary? I'm sure I applied way too much Orajel in a short period of time (bad toothe ache), but I've stopped using it now. Will... read more

I accidentally used orajel as opthalmic solution?

rinse my eyes with refresh gel 3X, sting is gone but i'm worried of any side effects or swelling.

Can you use Orajel on a broken tooth?

Can you put Orajel on your tonsils after tonsillectomy?

My cousin had a tonsillectomy and is in a lot of pain and doesn't want to take pain medicines we were wondering if she can use Orajel to numb the pain a little?

Orajel - My sister is diabetic and had tooth pain off & on day 1. More tooth pain on day 2, then...

... she had a swollen face and large swollen tongue on the side where the tooth hurt, and severe chills in day 3! What happened to her and how do I help her reduce the tongue & face swelling? Also, she said the dentist is not going to do anything until she's no longer swollen. Can Orajel... read more

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