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Does diazapam contain opium??

Posted 27 Jul 2012 by jaybozz 7 answers

i have recently done a detox off methodone and am now taking diazapam and am wondering if benzo`s are really opiates???

Opiate Withdrawal - Hello. I am two days into my detox from opium (washed from pounds of poppy?

Posted 17 Apr 2011 by cornburglar 3 answers

... seeds) apparently the detox is from morphine and codiene. I have been an opiate addict for over 5 years. I have had several bouts of clean time, with the withdrawl periods becoming increasingly difficult. I guess I don't have a question per se, but a situation. My wife is pretty much done, ...

Does Hydroxazine make you sleepy while on opiates?

Posted 2 Jul 2010 by mnreptiles 1 answer

I have a vien disease which causes immense pain in my one leg. I am on 80MG Oxycontin 2 x's Daily and 12 percocet's daily and 4MG Dilaudid 4 x's Daily. I am thinking about asking my DR for something for Nausea as sometimes these med's upset the stomache, But they mak me tired ...

Where do you get tincture of opium? Paregoric also contains camphor, from what I have found out?

Posted 25 Feb 2011 by peggyexton 1 answer

I am trying to locate paregoric, for which I have a prescription. The drug co. I contacted said the FDA made them stop making it.

What are some opium based pills?

Posted 1 Apr 2010 by urband28 1 answer

Opium - My mother gave me paregoric daily and nightly sometimes throughout the day, from the time I?

Posted 7 Oct 2010 by Elizabeth B. 2 answers

... was an infant to about 7 or 8 yrs of age.I am 48 yrs old and have had life long health issues with my stomach and now have been told I have auto immune diesease also several orthopedic issues. My twins have now been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and were born with kidney and bladder problems. I ...

Belladonna/Opium - My daughter has been prescribed the suppositories Belladonna opium for her?

Posted 18 Aug 2012 by Crys57 2 answers

... Chron's we are unable to find it in the states, does anyone know where it can be ordered from? She had her colon removed in 2010 due to Ulcerative Colitus and has been in the hospital off and on with problems linked to her new J-pouch. The suppositories seem to help the rectum from spasms, ...

What drug is similar to Opium Tincture?

Posted 6 Sep 2009 by AGM00 1 answer

It is hard to fill the perscription and I am looking for an alternate drug that is easy to fill. I need liquid form.

What do paracetamol pills look like?

Posted 1 Jan 2011 by saline 1 answer

this is a french pill. the name on the box is 'lamaline' which is composed of Paracetamol, poudre d'opium, cafeine. does anyone know what this medication is for?

Endocet - What is the most potent opium based painkiller?

Posted 1 Jan 2012 by Occulter 1 answer

The medication could either be natural or a synthetic. Which would be most effective in each category? (Pain caused by degenerative lower spinal disease - Spinabifida).

Hydrochlorothiazide - IS THIS DRUG CONTAIN OPIUM?

Posted 9 Feb 2012 by CANCERONFIRE 2 answers

Taken a drug test

Is belladonna opium a narcotic?

Posted 16 Apr 2012 by lynniepooh 1 answer

Which drug is better for the pains when you give up opium?

Posted 13 Nov 2009 by partiano 1 answer

i mean that i gave up smoking opium,so i have a lot of pains,i am feeling cold... which drug or pills i have to use for this side effects?

If taking aderall can youfail a drug test?

Posted 2 Apr 2010 by crutherford307 2 answers

my son takes 30mg xr and was placed on probation is it possible for him to test positive for cocain and opium?

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