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Opiate Withdrawal Questions

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Opiate Withdrawal - how long does the physical systems of withdrawal from oxycodone last?

Posted 27 Oct 2010 by scared102 37 answers

I have been taking it for about a year and I'm on day five. I am hurting really bad. If I was to take a narcotic pain pill would it bring my symptoms back to day one?

Opiate Withdrawal - Hello all Day 6 and im feeling Alot better then day 1,2,3 going cold turkey?

Posted 7 Aug 2009 by HelpMeAsap 39 answers

... sounded rough and let me tell u it is!Not trying to scare ANY1 because so far its the BEST decision i have made and i thank god my daughter and family for it AND dont think i forgot about YOU GUYS but HOW long till i stop pooping and throwing up EVERY MORNING or when i eat something and what ...

Addiction - Does anyone know how much percocets (30) cost on the street? What about Methodone?

Posted 22 Mar 2011 by brokenheartx100 13 answers

My husband is addicted to pain pills and owes drug dealers money. How much could he possibly owe? And should I be concerned that a pill dealer could come and hurt my family. He says he has been clean for 2 months but I found methodone which he said doesn't "cost anything". I want out ...

How much longer can opiate withdrawal (hell on earth) last?

Posted 20 Mar 2011 by ineedofanswers 10 answers

Friends: I need some help here. I have been off of opiates (perks, oxy's, dilaudid) for 23 days. I have been taking them daily for 4 years and have been dopesick hundreds of times, and have never made it this far. I am still having monster withdrawal. I am still sneezing, having diarrhea, ...

Methadone Withdrawal - Want to get off Methadone but wondering the best way?

Posted 7 Jul 2009 by dredwerx 16 answers

Hello I have been on 135 mg of Methadone a day at a clinic for over 3 1/2 yrs now and I recently lost my job and dont have the money to pay for the clinic right now and they are starting me on MSW (medically supervised withdrawal) or so they call it, starting tomorrow, they will start dropping my ...

PLEASE HELP! Going through wds... and on suboxone?

Posted 12 Aug 2010 by m.coniker403 36 answers

Hey guys! I will start off by saying that I have been using opiates for about 3 years now. It started with vikes..then perks..then methadone and now I am a mess. My whole life has been ruined. Before the methadone I was taking 5 percocet 10mg at a time and it wasnt even giving me a buzz (This is ...

If I am on 50 mg of methadone and I start subutex NOT suboxone, will I still get really sick?

Posted 20 Oct 2011 by tristalynn 3 answers

What should I do, i want off the methadone asap... its ruining my life!!! has anyone experienced taking subutex NOT suboxone decause suboxone has the Narcof in it... Any suggestions?

Take Suboxone after Methadone?

Posted 28 Apr 2011 by tinkersledge 5 answers

Ok I do not take ethier one daily. I have had back pain and I took 3 10mg methadone. Well that didnt really last long so I took a 8mg Suboxone. So far I am fine other than feeling a little sick on my stomach but I also havent really ate today. This won't really hurt me will it??

I want to switch from methadone to suboxone. (on md from pain now on clinic bc dr moved).on klonopin

Posted 7 Sep 2009 by Zaba The Hut 38 answers

I was on methadone for pain management but my Dr moved and couldnt find anothe dr. to continue my methadone treatment. Every Dr I went to said I will switch you to Dilaudid or oxycontin or anything but i will not write methadone. So therefore I ended up on the Methadone clinic. But another problem ...

Is it safe to take tramadol with methocarbamol?

Posted 17 Oct 2014 by mikiev 4 answers

I recently stopped taking oxycodone 10mg. But I'm not sleeping at all and restless legs are driving me nuts. So they put me on methocarbamol and I'm already on tramadol. Is this a dangerous mix? I was on the oxy for 5 months for lower back chronic pain. Still hurting really bad but had to ...

Opiate Withdrawal - Anybody in there?? I'm feeling quite stupid. I'm 52 yr old and just recently?

Posted 7 Jan 2012 by Belle Starr 16 answers

... wrapped my mind around the fact that I am addicted to hydrocodone. I've tapered off use for the last two days and am setting in for a weekend of detox. I never took that many in one day. I started over a year ago (prescription) with 5 mg twice a day. This last month I have found myself ...

How hard is it to withdrawal off go 5mg methadone?

Posted 18 Jan 2010 by Tulu104 4 answers

I have read other post similar to this and people have laughed at this question because it is such a low dose, but Im honestly terrified. I sam 28 Yrs old. I have been taking methadone on and off for about ten years. In the last 3 of those 10 years I have been taking 5mg every day. The last 6 ...

Withdrawal - I have been on methadone maint. for 16 years. Recently, after being seriously f'ed with

Posted 13 Aug 2009 24 answers

... at my clinic, I've found myself in the uncomfortable position of having to do a very rapid detox. Frankly, my head is so messed with, that I've been having extremely serious panic attacks every day when I go to get dosed. At this point, I'm more scared to go to the clinic, than I ...

Is a narcotic also an opiate? And Vice-Versa?

Posted 17 Feb 2011 by Cathleen186 10 answers

I had a friend from another group tell me "I take narcotics, just not opiates". I had said to her I'm in opiate withdrawal from taking too many Norcos, which is a narcotic right? So is there a difference? I want to go back to this friend and say, you are taking opiates when you take ...

Trazodone - can trazodon help with any of the withdrawls coming off methadone?

Posted 25 Mar 2012 by mandylouise 12 answers

swets/back pain /stretchy/no sleep/pain with mussles all over body

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