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Oophorectomy Questions

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Oophorectomy - In my 20's I had to have my left ovary removed to a cyst that basically engulfed it.?

Posted 13 Dec 2016 by KipperCat25 1 answer

... Now fast forward I am 46 . last Thursday I had my right ovary removed due to a cyst mass that was as big as a cantelope. I know that now both ovaries are gone I will no longer have estrogen. My doctor has not mentioned yet going on hormones. My question how fast am I going to feel the effects ...

Will I go through the menopause?

Posted 28 Feb 2015 by Newbie7566 1 answer

I had a total hysterectomy when I was 36, my ovaries were also taken. I was in surgical menopause for a week then put on Premarin for a few months which didn't suit me. I changed to the Estraderm Patch which was much better. I'm now 49 and have come off the patches after being advised to ...

Oophorectomy - Has anyone here ever had ovaries removed arc section time in early forties? I am?

Posted 14 Feb 2014 by Angel6639 1 answer

... struggling with memory loss, severe depression, hot flashes , falling out hair, etc the dr, said since I had dcis cancer prior to pregnancy and was 45 it would be a piece of cake and I was also menopausal age. He said I would avoid side effects of tamoxifen if cancer came back. He lied and ...

What time of the day do you think is best to take Activella (Estradiol/noreth ac) or does it matter?

Posted 13 Jan 2012 by cmgjpg 1 answer

I am post-op 2 weeks today. Had ovaries, uterus and part of the cervix removed because of endometriosis. I am very nervous about starting HRT. Need any advice!! Thanks!!!

Dr. prescribed Alora Patch. How come there are no reviews for this med? No good perhaps?

Posted 22 Jun 2011 by phyllis987 3 answers

Was on estraderm patch and it was wonderful for 25 years. Then is was discontinued. My Dr. prescribed Viville-dot. Now I can't sleep at night. The next one she is prescribing is Alora patch. I can't find any reviews on this patch. Seems like no one is uing it!

Medroxyprogesterone vs. Prometrium?

Posted 2 May 2010 by hopefulhelper 1 answer

Last month, my physician prescribed Prometrium in addition to the Vivelle Dot. I had my ovaries removed almost a year ago and had been on just Premarin but was feeling horrible. With the Prometrium and patch, I felt much better while on them. The cycle for 12 days came to an end, and five days ...

Does estradiol cause less weght gain than 2mg estrofem?

Posted 6 Dec 2009 2 answers

I had a vaginal hystorectomy which ruptured. After 3 years of continued abdominal pain. It was discovered that i was riddled with endometriosis. After so much surgery to the vaginal area and bleeding after attempted sexual intercourse, which was extremely painful, my Dr put me on 2mg of Estrofem ...

Could Ogen cause eczema?

Posted 14 Jul 2010 by judioh 2 answers

I have been on 0.625mg. of Ogen for years. I have been seeing a dermatologist for 1 1/2 years for eczema. I have daily spells of itching different parts of my body. I am on prescription medicine for eczema but still have itching. My feet swell daily, sometimes more one day than the next day. I take ...

Can I really have a successful pregancy following a unilateral oophorectomy?

Posted 1 Sep 2009 by Ellennon 1 answer

Following a unilateral oophorectomy last year, I have now discovered that I am 5 weeks pregnant. However, risks of miscarriage and ectopic have been banded about such a lot since I have mentioned it to my GP that I'm confused as to whether or not I am 'at risk' or can have a healthy ...

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