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Odour Questions

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Got diognosed for a yeast infection but I think I have BV?

Posted 31 Mar 2018 by jess1107 1 answer

So these past few weeks I’ve been having lots of discharge, usually white but sometimes I have mucusy green discharge. On top of that, I have a vaginal odour that can smell quite fishy at time. So all these symptoms point to BV, right? So I go to my doctors and she does a swab, and it comes ...

Body odour and the pill?

Posted 3 Jul 2017 by ArtyEmilyB 0 answers

Hi, so recently my boyfriend informed me that he has basically noticed when I sweat, it smells. He says he doesn't notice it all the time, (mainly at night as his house is boiling and he has an attic room) but I'm wondering if there is any connection to being on the pill? I've been ...

What to do about boob sweat? slightly embarassing!?

Posted 5 Jun 2014 by gundia17 3 answers

hey all, so I've noticed within the last couple of weeks that there's an odour coming from in between and from underneath my breasts... i'm incredibly hygienic and I make sure to all ways clean there when showering but it just seems to smell... any suggestions on how to get rid of ...

I have had a really a really bad odour in my lady area, what can I do to get rid of it ASAP?

Posted 1 Sep 2014 by Jesslee 3 answers

What can i do for bad odour? I had tests done and doctor said im fine? But i still have this really really bad odour :( i want it gone ASAP

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