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Nutropin Questions

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Who is the best insurance company for providing coverage of Nutropin AQ?

Posted 18 Sep 2015 by Liz Monroe 1 answer

I have Anthem Blue Cross of CA. They are terrible to work with and my co-pay is $850 a month. I need suggestions. Thanks

Nutropin AQ - I have my daughter treated with nutropin, today I heard about 8 cases of patient in?

Posted 10 Sep 2015 by amiodorone 1 answer

... England died from Jacob Creutzfield and also from Alzheimer which was related to treatment with growth hormone I am concerned about this do you have any relevant answer

Does Nutropin affect Cholesterol and Triglyceride levels in pediactric patients?

Posted 19 Aug 2014 by damsgard69 1 answer

Son has been taking Nutropin for 1yr 5mos. His cholesterol was 132 in July 2013 / 173 Aug 2014 and triglycerides 107 in July 2013 / 250 Aug 2014 both are numbers from fasting blood tests. Can Nutropin cause a huge increase in cholestrol and triglycerides? This drug was the only thing added to his ...

Is it ok to inject Nutropin Aq at refrigerator temp? not room temp?

Posted 13 Jul 2014 by growme 1 answer

1.2 ml? Is it ok to inject while medicine is still cold? does it make a diff?

Nutropin - does this medicine make you very irritable? My son who is 3 has become a different child?

Posted 11 Aug 2012 by jennredhead 1 answer

... since starting this medicine... please help any advice

Nutropin AQ - Can you use nutropin if it has not been refrigerated for 2 days?

Posted 24 Feb 2011 by jeffkarcher 1 answer

We are traveling and its been in the travel pack for 3 days and i assume the ice packs carried for a day. The pen is still cool to the touch.

Any reports of testical pain in adult males who took nutropin as a child?

Posted 22 May 2011 by baileyaz 1 answer

My son took nutropin injuctions for 5 years as a child and now at 23 is experiencing severe testical pain

Nutropin cost?

Posted 27 Mar 2010 by jsmoncrieff 1 answer

How much does it cost per dose?

What are the long term affects of nutropin aq?

Posted 2 Aug 2010 by soperl3 1 answer

my nephew is taking nutropin and the doctor has him on it for 2 years. Our family average height is 6ft. the boys tend to be smaller until later in the teens when they grow suddenly. Will this treatment disrupt what would naturally occur.

Nutropin AQ - If my son started puberty at age 11 and now just turned 13, how much longer does he?

Posted 11 Oct 2009 by Irene45 2 answers

... have to grow? He's 5 feet right now and our goal was 5'4". He's been on growth hormone since age 7.5

What is the correlation between Nutropin use and its effect on joint stability unrelated to the inj?

Posted 18 Jan 2010 by lkurfist 1 answer

ection site. If the drug is causing bone growth faster than normal rate isn't it like that there could be ligamentous or tendon instability in a joint where bone growth is more rapid than its surrounding connective tissue

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