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Is Novolin R same as Novolog R?

Posted 19 Oct 2009 by MIMISA36 1 answer

Is novolin regular same as novolog r? I mean if I can use one or other?

Humalog vs Novolog (Novalog): What's the difference?

Posted 14 Sep 2016 1 answerFAQ by

Humalog and Novolog (Novalog) are both insulins used in the treatment of diabetes. But what are the differences and similarities between them?

Insulin - type 2, I take 12 units novolog in a.m. Blood sugar level at 135- 160. I eat cereal for...

Posted 20 days ago by john wade 0 answers

... breakfast. At lunch time my bood sugar is at 200-210. I take 10 units. then at dinner time my level is at about 160. I take another 10 units. Then at bed time 40 units of Lantus. My schedule of eating is at 7a.m--- 11:30-12: and then dinner 5:00 t0 6:00 p.m. with the Novolog it takes at least 4 ...

Novolog - After I use Novolog vial for about a week it seems to lose its potency? Is there...

Posted 23 Aug 2017 by Skck 0 answers

... something I am doing or not doing? I keep it in a cooler at work outside in the heat. When at home kept on the counter. Any help will be appreciated, thanks. I am having highs after using Novolog.

NovoLog Mix 70/30 - I missed my novalog 70/30 at dinner. took it within the hour after eating and?

Posted 29 Jul 2017 by Idget 2 answers

... now I have severe chills. My teeth are chattering. I have body aches and pains. Is this because of the meds? Should I seek medical attention? My levels are 209 and coming down

Is insulin shipped UPS overnite by 10:30 am OK if melted ice pack temp is 60 degrees?

Posted 20 Jul 2017 by discontinued 1 answer

I get my Lantus & Novolog from the VA which insists in shipping by UPS overnight by 10:30 am delivery rather than allowing it to be picked up at a nearby VA pharmacy. UPS leaves it on my front step in 90 degree temps in full sun and it may sit for an hour or so before it can be brought inside ...

Does anyone have a rash from Novolog Pen use?

Posted 5 Jul 2017 by DONNAI02 0 answers

I am experiencing a rash all over my chest and moving up my neck to my face. And I was wondering did anyone else have this reaction? The rash sorta looks like modeling. I do have other conditions that I take Meds for, but this rash starting appearing after being on this Med. I have Diabetes 2 and ...

When should Novolog be injected?

Posted 13 Jun 2017 by Bulldog1947 0 answers

Diabetes, Type 2 - I am breaking out with hives and my feet, legs and hands are swelling. I have?

Posted 25 Jan 2017 by rpalmer64155 0 answers

... tried taking humalog with both lantus and levemir and then Novolog with lantus and have the same reaction all combinations. Any one have any suggestions?

Difference between novolog mix 70/30 and humulin 70/30?

Posted 14 Oct 2010 by mp1121 1 answer

effectiveness and cost differential

Do the unopened NovoLog flexpens need to be refrigerated? Same Q for Lantus SoloStar. Thanks?

Posted 9 Feb 2012 by jfleetwd 1 answer

I am new to injecting insulin and am not sure if the FlexPens I'm using need to be refrigerated. I know that the one I'm using does not have to be for 28 days but the remaining ones in the box, I'm not sure about.

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