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Is Novolin R same as Novolog R?

Posted 19 Oct 2009 by MIMISA36 1 answer

Is novolin regular same as novolog r? I mean if I can use one or other?

Humalog vs Novolog (Novalog): What's the difference?

Posted 14 Sep 2016 1 answerFAQ by

Humalog and Novolog (Novalog) are both insulins used in the treatment of diabetes. But what are the differences and similarities between them?

Diabetes, Type 2 - My blood sugar went to 547, and because I could not reach my Dr after hours, I?

Posted 29 Dec 2015 by lrohrback 0 answers

... took my Novolog 70+the sliding scale x3 per 50 over 200. That is a lot of insulin. Should I have taken less?

Can Novolog flex pen be taken in place of Novolog 70/30 flex pen?

Posted 22 Dec 2015 by Sarahbearby 2 answers

Hi my name is Sarah - my husband is a type 2 diabetic (his glucose levels are always high... very high) he was diagnosed at 18 and is now 31... Unfortunately, we have had a lot of financial difficulties and we have no health insurance... and haven't for several years. He used to go to a free ...

I use novolog. It is not expired by date on vial, but has been open for more than 28 days. I can not

Posted 27 Dec 2015 by kristinebrewer 0 answers

... replace it yet. Can it still be used? If yes for how long? I have been using it, but I have no meter to check my sugar levels. So I don't know if it's working. I also take levimer, which is in good standing as far as expiration, so no worries there. Please help I can't get an ...

Difference between novolog mix 70/30 and humulin 70/30?

Posted 14 Oct 2010 by mp1121 1 answer

effectiveness and cost differential

Do the unopened NovoLog flexpens need to be refrigerated? Same Q for Lantus SoloStar. Thanks?

Posted 9 Feb 2012 by jfleetwd 1 answer

I am new to injecting insulin and am not sure if the FlexPens I'm using need to be refrigerated. I know that the one I'm using does not have to be for 28 days but the remaining ones in the box, I'm not sure about.

I have novalog flexpen and solarstar pen?

Posted 9 Oct 2015 by diabetictype2 1 answer

my doc said i need to take 55 units of solarstar by breakfast along with # on scale by novalog flexpen too for breakfast, is it sake to use both at same time?

What are the differences between NOVOLOG and Novolin 70/30 and how should I take it?

Posted 30 Apr 2015 by Sarahporter806 1 answer

Type 1 diabetic for 20 years. I am currently on an insulin pump taking NOVOLOG rapid acting insulin. Due to job loss and other factors, I do not have insurance anymore. I am currently on my last month supply of insulin and am looking for affordable alternatives. I found that Walmart sells Novolin ...

What makes my sugar rise after I have taken my medication but not yet eaten?

Posted 23 Sep 2015 by Sescobar 0 answers

Hi. I am a Type 2 diabetic. I take Tridjenta 4mg once daily and Novolog 70/30, 50 units before breakfast and 50 units before dinner. I also take 0.6 units of Victoza once daily before breakfast. My fasting sugar this morning was 159. I took the Tridjenta but did not take the insulin or Victoza ...

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