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Humalog vs Novolog (Novalog): What's the difference?

Humalog and Novolog (Novalog) are both insulins used in the treatment of diabetes. But what are the differences and similarities between them?

What is the difference between Novolin 70/30 and Novolog mix 70/30?

Is Admelog the same as NovoLog?

What is the difference between Fiasp and NovoLog?

Novolog - can the insulin novalog cause sever muscle reactions?

I'm a diabetic on novalog I'm 61 y/o and have been on Novalog and Lantus for about 8 years. I recently have gotten severe legs cramps which are extremely painful. When these cramps occur I sweat profusely. These occur mostly at night but have occasionally occured in the daylight hours. I... read more

NovoLog FlexPen - Can novalog flex pen make you lose weight?

My son in law has lost to much weight since he started taking this and he stays dehydrated. He did not having these problems before.

Diabetes, Type 2 - what will happen if you take levemir with novolog 70/30?

I was prescribed these two insulins by a new doctor but all of the research I have done says that you're not supposed to take novolog 70/30 with any other insulin... so I am wondering what will happen with this rx?

I have been taking victoza and I am loosing my hair.just wondering if this has happen to anyone?

i started taking victoza in october,along with lantus,novolog,my hair started coming out shortly after i started taking victoza.cannot find anything that tells me this is a side effect.i also take synthroid that is suppose to keep this from happening.any help would be apperciated.thanks anita

What is the difference between novolog 70/30 and regular novolog flexpen?

I've always used novolog 70/30 flexpen, last week I had my refill and was given regular novolog, I'm wondering if I'm getting the same benefit? My bs has been higher than usual and I'm worried.

Difference between novolog mix 70/30 and humulin 70/30?

effectiveness and cost differential

Do the unopened NovoLog flexpens need to be refrigerated? Same Q for Lantus SoloStar. Thanks?

I am new to injecting insulin and am not sure if the FlexPens I'm using need to be refrigerated. I know that the one I'm using does not have to be for 28 days but the remaining ones in the box, I'm not sure about.

What should I do if I take too much Novolog?

I also take Levimire 70 units. If I pick up the wrong one and take 70 of the Novolog, what may happen and what should I do?

Refrigeration of Novolog Flexpen?

I am a diabetic and insulin dependent. I have always kept my insulin flexpens in the refrigerator, both the Novolog Flexpen and the Levemir Flexpen, I was cleaning out my bag that I keep my supplies in and found a Novolog Flexpen in the bottom of the bag. It's not expired and has never been... read more

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