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Novolin R Questions

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Is Novolin R same as Novolog R?

Posted 19 Oct 2009 by MIMISA36 1 answer

Is novolin regular same as novolog r? I mean if I can use one or other?

I use Novolin N for my dog and in a matter of days she was blind?

Posted 7 Jul 2018 by Donna Paul 0 answers

anyone else have this reaction to the medicine when given to there dogs. I thinking about not giving it to her to see if I can reverse the effect of sight loss. She has a gray film over her eyes that I swear just appeared over a matter of days. please share your thoughts and insights. thanks

How long should I wait to take my next dose of NPH (Novolin N)?

Posted 5 May 2018 by Samantha Duplechain 0 answers

I forgot to take my 30 units at 2am so I took it at 5am. My next dose is 54units at 12pm. Will it be too soon to take the 54 units (I take the 54 units with 28 units of Novolog at 12pm)

Novolin N - Is it really over the counter?

Posted 29 Mar 2018 by StarrRaven 1 answer

Just wondering if you can buy this without a prescription, I was on lantus and then soliqua, but because of my insurance I am being put on xultophy and not sure I like that idea. Was wondering if you can purchase this over the counter without dr's prescription, if so, where can you buy it? ...

I take Novolog flexpen and my husband takes Novolin R. Can you tell me what the differences are?

Posted 5 Jan 2018 by Reid Family 0 answers

I just wondered because I sometimes run out and have been tempted to try his insulin until I can get to the pharmacy.

How should Novolin R be shipped if mail order?

Posted 27 Oct 2017 by Thomas Hall 1 answer

I get Novolin R from the VA and they keep sending it via the US mail service in a mail pouch and takes 3 or 4 days to arrive at my mail box. Is the insulin safe to use after being exposed to high heat? I do not understand why they mail it, in my mind they are stupid for not sending it in a a ...

What is a good starting dose for starting Novolin N insulin?

Posted 6 Feb 2017 by Daffydj 0 answers

My diabetes type 2 isn't well controlled and my insurance got cancelled. I can't afford a box of insulin pens. I just need a starting dose for Novolin N. I'm 57 years old. I weigh 145 pounds

Is Novolin R the same as Humalog?

Posted 16 Nov 2015 by NortonKarp 2 answers

I am a Type 1 Diabetic and I take Humalog 3-4 times a day and Lantus once at night. With my current insurance, Humalog is $251/bottle and I'm looking for a generic. Can Novolin R be substituted? Can anyone advise?

What are the differences between NOVOLOG and Novolin 70/30 and how should I take it?

Posted 30 Apr 2015 by Sarahporter806 1 answer

Type 1 diabetic for 20 years. I am currently on an insulin pump taking NOVOLOG rapid acting insulin. Due to job loss and other factors, I do not have insurance anymore. I am currently on my last month supply of insulin and am looking for affordable alternatives. I found that Walmart sells Novolin ...

Can I use 1/2 vial of novolin that I accidently dumped 25 units of novolin r in it?

Posted 1 Jun 2016 by vmtva1 1 answer

I was reducing the excess novolin r in my syringe to achieve my correct dosage and Picked up the bottle half vial of novolin n by mistake. I set the vial of "r" down to read the numbers.

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