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Niaspan - I just am going to pick a script ot 10mg want to know if it will lower pressure?

Posted 27 May 2016 by minamatt724 0 answers

my pressure is low i am afraid this will make it lower and i will pass out. the good cholestrol is good the bad is over 200 but since i had a tia the dr wants me on the meds. thanks

Niaspan - what can I do about the flushing , red rash, iching , burning on my skin?

Posted 18 Jan 2014 by swils421 4 answers

I took NIASPAN 500 MG AND NOW WITH NIASPAN 1000 MG. i experience this kind of episodes

Niaspan not working dr upped dose but not using lipiror or crestor?

Posted 11 Oct 2013 by Leighhardage 4 answers

My uncle is a 60yo black man with high cholessterol dr prescribed niaspan 500 mg over 2 yr ago after 1 yr no change so dbld dosage another year gone by now wants to up it to 1000 mg (seems same to me)( but more expensive) not once has he tried any thing else I began research and found that Niaspan ...

I am taking crestor(40mg), niaspan(1000mg) and zetia(10mg) daily. Am experiencing significant?

Posted 25 Jul 2013 by Keyroyale 3 answers

... weakness in my legs and loss of balance. What do you suggest? I am 72 years old and male. George W

How do I stop niaspan?

Posted 25 Apr 2013 by Ruloff 1 answer

Side effects of stop taking 1000 mg niaspain

Would it be prudent to stop Niaspan (6 yrs, 1000mg)before starting Janumet for new onset of diabetes

Posted 3 May 2013 by jack 1 answer

I have been taking 1000 mg Niaspan for over 6 years and have recently been diagnosed with type II diabetes (A1C>10). Now I have been prescribed Janumet for the high blood sugar. Might the blood suger be caused by the Niaspan and would it be prudent to stop the Niaspan and see if the blood sugar ...

Niaspan ER - Dose flush free nician have the same effect in lowering cholesterol as regular nician?

Posted 21 Jan 2012 by feelingood68* 1 answer

I took regular niacin for 6 months, lowered my bad and raised the good by 30%. Switched to niacinamide to lower the cost but my count went back up by 20%. Since found out that niacinamide dose not have the same effect and should not be taken to lower cholesterol. how about niacin inositol ...

My pharmacist said to halve the Niaspan. Did I negate the time released property of the pill?

Posted 6 Feb 2012 by maltese5boyz 3 answers

My mom and I were put on the Niaspan together, as we both are highly allergic to all the statins. But she can't afford the Niaspan, so I split my prescription with her. But if we can continue to halve the pills without any serious problems; something is better than doing nothing at all.

Is there a generic or otc drug I could use instead of niaspan?

Posted 31 Mar 2011 by ehrhart 2 answers

my insurance does not cover niaspan. is ther something else i could take that is just as effective as niaspan?

I have started taking Niaspan. How can I reduce or treat the "flushing" side effect?

Posted 30 May 2011 by kjmniner9 2 answers

once I've taken the medicine?

Niaspan ER - I have not had trouble in the past. But last night when I took my Niasian, I became?

Posted 5 Jan 2012 by marksmith31 3 answers

... flushed in a few hours and my face/checks swelled. Never had that happen before, what should I do?

Is it possible t have a side effect from niaspan be red itchy patches on my hands?

Posted 10 Oct 2011 by parisound 1 answer

resembling psoriasis? It cracks and feels like my skin is on fire. Please help

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