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Niacin Questions

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How long does niacin stay in the human system?

Whats the best way to get rid of amphetamine out of your system?

cranberry juice,niacin, and lots of excercise... amphetamine goes out your pores

Is it safe to discontinue prozasin "cold turkey"? Do prazosin & niacin interact?

I am taking 1mg of prazosin daily for ptsd. I also take 500mg Niacin daily.

Does niacin help clean your system out in 24 hours?

Does niacin help clean your system out

Do flush free Niacin cleans the drugs up in you?

like any can drug do clean you out for good?

Can Niacin be used for the treatment of Raynaud's Disorder?

Raynaud's Disease is a common condition causing the small arteries to contract- mostly in the hands or feet, causing them to turn blue. Afterwards often flushing and red. No known treatment. Someone recommended Niacin. I am sceptical.

Can you take niacin and red yeast rice together?

Niacin Flush Free - Is "No Flush" Niacin the same as "Flush Free" Niacin?

My daughter brought back the "No Flush" instead of Niacin "Flush Free". ?

Is it ok to take red yeast rice with Niacin?

I take niacin in the morning, is it ok to take red yeast rice in the early evening?

Can using Niacin cause excessive sweating?

Does any vitamin such as vit c affect the potency of Strattera ?

I like to take vitamin supplement of super B vitamins + Vitamin C. thiamin 100mg Roboflavin 20mg Niacin 25mg folic acid 400 mcg Viamin B12 15 mcg Biotin 30mcg and Pantothenic acid 5.5mg. I stopped taking this vitamin supplement 3 months ago when I started taking Strattera *80mg I would like to... read more

What is the protocol for using niacin for depression, and how quickly does it work?

I've read niacin helps depression. Can I please have more detail around dosage, how quickly can I build up the dose, and do I need to add vitamin C. I'd also like to hear some testimonies around effectiveness.

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